Evil Bikes Partner With Defcon Cycles

What we’re seeing in the announcement below is two seemingly opposing sectors of online sales and bricks and mortar stores combining to give the consumer the best of both worlds. If you’re a mechanically sound buyer, or you don’t live close to an Evil dealer, you can go down the direct sales route and have the bike delivered to your door.

If on the other hand, you would prefer the peace of mind of having your bike built up by a professional mechanic, and want to support local bike shops than you can purchase the bike from an Evil dealer or have it shipped there at your convenience.

There will be no difference in price between the two options, but considering Evil bikes are working with the renowned Dave Weagle on their suspension platforms and have received huge wraps overseas the prices are on par with other boutique brands on the market.

We like the look of the Wreckoning, a chunky 160mm 29″ machine- check out Luke Strobel using every millimetre of that travel in one of the better release videos we’ve seen.

The Calling is Evil’s 27.5″, 130mm machine that looks perfect for Australian conditions- we seriously can’t get enough of these videos either!

We’re hoping to get our hands on an Evil in the very near future, but in the meantime check out the official word from Defcon Cycles on where and how you can purchase Evil bikes.

Defcon Cycles based in Brisbane are being announced as EVIL Bikes partner for Australia and New Zealand, offering a click and mortar sales option for consumers and opening up the availability of Evil Bikes to Independent Bicycle Dealers.

Defcon has been working with Evil Bikes for the past 18 months to bring Evils two wheeled roost shredding machines to customers in Australia.

We are working in partnership with Evil bikes to launch the next phase as “Agents of EVIL” for both Australian and New Zealand markets. Defcon is stocking bikes both locally in Australia and in New Zealand, also with service teams on the ground in both countries.

Evil's "The Wreckoning" is one of the burliest 29ers we've seen.
Evil’s “The Wreckoning” is one of the burliest 29ers we’ve seen.

Click and Mortar:

Where Online sales and Independent Bike Dealers (IBD’s) become one. As the bike industry evolves and online sales become more prevalent it is now, more than ever, important to support local retailers. Direct to consumer sales provides convenience, clear brand messaging, and access to a wider selection of products, but it doesn’t provide mechanical and technical support, local trail knowledge or support the local riding community. The IBD has always been the cornerstone of the bike industry, but as online sales evolve so will the retailers.

You can purchase an Evil both online and through a bike shop.
You can purchase an Evil both online and through a bike shop.

As an Agent of Evil, our goal is to balance both IBD and direct to consumer sales. Historically, the internet has been used to cut prices, provide convenience and greater access to goods. We are creating a platform to showcase the Evil brand and provide the best customer experience we can. We utilize the latest technology so customers everywhere can have access Evil bikes, apparel and products at competitive prices. Our goal is to have you, the consumer, spend more time on your bike and less time fiddling with it.

Our program is simple. Consumers can purchase our products directly through our website (www.defconcycles.com.au), emailing info@defconcycles.com.au or by calling us directly +61 7 31629005, or through a stocking Authorized Evil Dealer. Dealer enquiries are welcome.

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