21 Jul 2017

Join Jérôme Clementz as he races the first four rounds of the 2017 Enduro World Series. Brilliant video footage along with in depth insights to the highs, lows and mental challenges Jérôme encounters to remain in the top 10 through the first half of the season.

Welcome back! After following Jérôme’s off season training, it’s time for racing now! Discover how Jérôme managed the first 4 rounds of the Enduro World Series, where the world-class level enduro riders are competing.

For Jérôme, adjusting his training depending on the race you’ve done, is essential, that is why you will discover how he is analysing his results and explains what he wants to change to be better at each event.

Then after an intense racing program, he wanted to enjoy some riding in the Alps as the ski resort opens in June: his buddies and he go to for a fun road trip in the Alps!

Last but not least, Jérôme gives his thought about wheels size and attends the “mini bike” race at Crankworx Les Gets!

Jerome races the EWS on his new Cannondale Jekyll. Flow has one on test now; see the First Look here!