12 Oct 2013

The MTBA Management Committee announced today that the long serving Executive Officer and the Head Coach have completed their tenure at MTBA.

The MTBA President, Russell Baker explained, “We are looking to go in a new direction.  We have changed from a club like operation many years ago to a national sporting body with a significant budget and many members. Consequently our leadership style needs to change to suit the organisation we have become, and will develop into in the future.”

Commenting on the immediate goals Baker said “The MTBA Management Committee wants to change how we help develop elite athletes and to also restructure operations to better service our members and stakeholders.”

The MTBA Management Committee wishes to thank Tony for his significant contribution to Australian mountain biking. Russell Baker “Tony Scott has put in many years of service right from the beginning of the MTBA and the committee recognises the significance of his contribution.”

The MTBA Management Committee wishes to thank Chris Clarke for his contribution to the development of our junior and elite athletes.

Baker said “There are exciting times ahead for mountain biking.  We are going to create a new era of cooperation with stakeholders – members, clubs, elite athletes, coaches, MTB teams, sports institutes, and promoters. While change is always difficult, there are also great opportunities and we are committed to working closely with Cycling Australia and the Australian Sports Commission towards the creation of a new peak body integrating the multiple cycling disciplines.”

The MTBA Management Committee today appointed a nominations committee who will oversee a recruitment process and make recommendations to the Management Committee to fill these vacancies.

For further information contact MTBA on 02 9339 5800 or [email protected]

The MTBA President can be contacted at [email protected]