First Look | Canyon Launches 2021 Spectral and Neuron

Canyon’s trail and long-travel trail bikes, Neuron and Spectral receive a refresh for 2021 while retaining the same frame, here is what to expect for 2021.

What’s New With The 2021 Neuron?

Canyon’s trail bike is a popular model due to it’s calm-mannered and well-balanced ride. With 130mm travel out the back and either 130 or 140mm up the front it strikes a balance between the cross country race-ready LUX and longer travel Spectral.

We’ve had plenty of experience riding the Neuron, Wil recently tested the aluminium version of the bike when it was launched earlier this year, take a look at Wil’s in-depth review and video right here.

Wil’s review of the MY20 Canyon AL 7

For the 2021 season the Neuron scores a new top-level limited model, and the Neuron CF 8 scores a longer 140mm travel fork. Plus there are some new colours and new specs like; 10-52 range cassette and new Schwalbe Super tyres.

All-new for 2021 is the Neuron CF LTD, limited to only 100 available worldwide. The collaboration with DT Swiss brings some serious Swiss flair to the Neuron line, with a DT Swiss suspension package, bumping up to a 140mm travel fork, high-zoot XMC 1200 wheels and a fairly reasonable price tag considering the spec.

Canyon continues the wheel size for frame size fit system, where the three smaller sizes run 27.5in wheels, and medium to extra-large run 29in wheels.

There are a whopping 11 new Neuron models in this 2021 release, which includes three women’s models and the Neuron Young Hero for kids around eight years and older.

Prices range from $2,349 for the Young Hero and run up to AUD 8,749 for the top model with the fancy SLX carbon frame, CF SLX 9.

Yew! The Young Hero is built for kids that shred.
The swish and Swiss Neuron CF LTD is limited to 100 bikes worldwide and sells for AUD 7849.

2021 Canyon Neuron CF LTD

The chart-topping Neuron CF SLX 9 with a claimed weight of just 11.9 kg, yikes!

2021 Canyon Neuron CF SLX 9

Neuron CF 9 SL – $6,249 AUD
Neuron CF 8 – $4,399 AUD
Neuron CF 9 WMN – $5,149 AUD
Neuron CF 8 – $4,399 AUD with a longer-travel 140mm travel fork
Neuron 7 – $3,599 AUD
Neuron 7 WMN – $3,599 AUD
Neuron AL Young Hero – $2,349 for kids

What’s New With the 2021 Spectral?

Wil called the 2020 Spectral a ‘Bonafide Hooligan Bike’ in his long-term review last year. With a good dose of aggressive parts, 27.5in wheels, 150mm of travel and some models running a 160mm fork it’s a bike built for a good trail thrashing.

Released in its current format back in 2018, the Spectral has received a few tweaks over the years, we’ve seen it creep up in travel and rowdiness.

Be sure to take a look at Wil’s in-depth review and video of the Spectral AL 6 here

For 2021 the Spectral remains much the same, just with two new colour options and an update for the 2021 spec lineup. It’s still built around 27.5in wheels and 150mm of travel and various models come with either a 160mm travel Fox fork or 150mm RockShox fork.

Keeping in theme all come with 30mm internal width rims and 2.4″ Maxxis tyres, now for 2021 will be the new Ergon SM10 saddle.

Canyon is introducing seven new unisex models into the Spectral lineup for 2021, including two women’s specific models. Three of the seven are aluminium, the top four using a carbon frame.

So while there’s nothing too new, the pricing is as sharp as ever, interestingly the top model is more modest than in the past. Here are a few highlights from the new 2021 range, which we’re told are all now available on the World Wide Web via your friendly courier.

Tahnee Seagrave on her Spectral, the downhiller’s trail bike.
Spectral CF 9 and the new Non Forest colour. Don’t leave this one lying in the bushes, or it may grow over. AUD 6,749 for the top-shelf Spectral.

2021 Canyon Spectral CF 9

Spectral CF 8 – $5,649 AUD
Spectral 6 WMN – $4,049 AUD

2021 Canyon Spectral WMN 6

Spectral CF 7 – $4, 699 AUD
Spectral WMN CF 7 – $4,999 AUD

What do you think of the 2021 Canyon Neuron and Spectral? Are you more of a rowdy Spectral rider, or suiting an all-rounder like the Neuron? Let us know in the comments below.

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