11 Jan 2014

It’s been a good half dozen years now since the Mt Buller team embarked on mission to become Australia’s leading alpine mountain bike destination. No doubt, it’s a mission well accomplished.

We’ve been coming to Mt Buller, making the solid drive down the Hume, for a long while now. Originally, back in the nineties and early two-thousands, it was the downhill track that drew us here. But now it’s the staggering quality and quantity of the Buller cross country trails that keeps us coming back.

Every time we’ve returned to Buller since 2007, we’ve been surprised by the pace of the trail development. And we’re not just talking a few new sections of trail here and there, but massive projects – huge, beautiful loops like Stonefly, or lifted flow trails like Copperhead. This time around, Buller’s embarking on an even bigger undertaking, a 40km IMBA-recognised ‘epic’ trail. The IMBA Epic tag isn’t one that’s given out lightly, and when this trail is completed it’ll be the first of its kind in Australia.

But that’s in the future, and for now we’ve got three days to soak up everything that Buller has to offer. Here’s a taste of our first day on the trails; come back tomorrow for more, and hold tight for a Flow Nation video soon too.

The scrappy fireroad descent that once linked the village to the rest of the Buller trail network is long gone. In its place is the new Split Rock trail, a punchy, rocky, bermed trail. Fantastic stuff.
If you’re ever looking for a reason to stay the night in Buller after a day on the trails, this is it. The sunsets from the summit will blow your mind.
With the wild flowers out at the moment, Buller is prettier than ever. Pity about the rider.


Trail builder Ryan De La Rue showed us around the trails this afternoon, as we tried to keep up. This is the view we saw a lot of.


Climbing back up the village was once a serious mission, but a new, mellow singletrack now makes the ascent a pleasure. In places where the terrain is impassable, bridges have been brought in to get you through.




Warm days, dusty trails. Feels like summer!
Norm and Jess Douglas, of Forrest fame, have recently opened up The Corner Store in the Buller village. It’s a great little hangout, with excellent coffee and food, and really fun vibe. It’s cool to have a place like this in town.


World Trail’s Ryan De La Rue, a super relaxed mountain man. When he’s not building trails, he’s planning his next backcountry adventure or making the most of the mountain lifestyle.
Misty Twist is looking, and riding, better than ever. The trail has formed into a perfect flow line, 12-inches wide, carving through the wildflowers.
Hooking in at the peak of the Cornhill descent.