21 Nov 2014

Scott Stego Helmet with MIPS



We’ve been using the Scott Stego for a year now, but it’s now available in this rather flash gloss black and fluoro colour scheme that is oh-so-enduro. There’s a reason why we like this helmet so much – it’s incredibly comfortable and offers plenty of coverage to suit the increasingly reckless riding that today’s all-mountain bikes encourage. Like the Scott ARX Plus helmet we featured a few weeks ago, the Stego has MIPS technology. In a nutshell, MIPS is a liner that is designed to reduce the forces transmitted to your melon by allowing the helmet shell to rotate independently of your head under an angled impact. Read more about it here. The Stego also has a large, flat surface near the top of the helmet that makes it perfect for a stick-on helmet mount – much neater than using a strap-on mount!



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Crank Bros M17 multi tool


In our opinion, this is the best item in Crank Brothers’ comprehensive range of multitools. It’s a solid little number, at 168g, but the steel construction is really tough and the grippy, knurled side plates feel great in your palm. The chain breaker is well made (often these are extremely crappy on multitools), though it’s not specifically designed to work with 11-speed chains. All the usuals are there (torx 25, phillips/flat head and a full suite of Allen keys) but it’s the no-fuss build quality that we appreciate most.

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Drift Stealth 2 Camera



The wearable camera market is a real battleground, with a lot of highly credible players pushing the technology so far right now. It’s easy to get caught up in frame rates and resolutions, but from our experience usability and ease of operation is what makes the most difference – if your camera is pain to mount, is too bulky or is hard to navigate/operate, you’re not going to want to use it. The Stealth 2 takes the usability bull by the horns, weighing in at under 100g and with a low-profile shape and robust construction that makes it easy to mount. We’re going to be using this camera a lot in the coming weeks, so expect a full review soon.

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Bontrager XR4 tyres


It’s official: the Bontrager XR4 is our new favourite do-it-all trail tyre. We fitted a set of this meaty rubber to our Trek Fuel EX9.8 long-term tester and it totally transformed the bike into a radical, grip-seeking shred missile. With a huge bag, resilient sidewalls, plenty of support and a great compound, we can’t find fault with this tyre. Ok, it’s a bit heavy. But we’re happy to carry around 820g per wheel for performance like this.

bontrager xr4


bontrager xr4 2