Focus 2019 Range Highlights Video

Focus bikes are certainly on the ascension in Australia; they’ve had huge success in the road market, and they’re really hitting their stride on the dirt now too. Their 2019 range is a turning point for the brand we feel, as they assert themselves in the e-MTB world, deliver some truly good value trail bikes and add some versatility to their O1E cross-country platform.

Watch our range highlights vid below!

Could this be the budget trail bike of the year? The Jam 6.8 29er is a serious rig for not a lot of cash.
The Focus SAM2 is the King Kong of eMTBs. 170mm at both ends, it’s time to party. There are three SAM2 models coming to Oz.
The JAM2 tones down the travel a little, 150mm all round, but shares a lot of elements with the SAM2, including the in-tube battery, Shimano e8000 motor, and FOLD suspension system.
The JAM2 Carbon looks like it’s built to avoid radar detection. An stark, stunning piece of work.
A 120mm-travel RS-1 and KS dropper add some versatility to the O1E Factory edition.
Ten grand is the price, but this machine is practically un-upgradeable. The O1E 9.9 is decked out with the best from Shimano, RockShox and DT.

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