05 Nov 2012

For 2013 Formula brakes introduce the new T1, semi metallic pads and Advanced Caliper Technology with improved roll back.

The brake line-up itself remains the same as in 2012 and there are three main updates for 2013:

– After the Master Cylinders had been optimised for 2012 model brakes the main focus for 2013 model brakes was to optimise the caliper. The result is called ACT, Advanced Caliper Technology and is based on different machining of the clipers for the pistons and as well as new pistons and quad rings. All three changes combine to give an increased roll-back of 0.55mm as opposed to the previous 0.35mm roll-back. This puts the roll-back of the MY2013 Formula brakes on the same roll-back level as Shimano XT brakes improving overall performance and reducing susceptibility to rotor rub.

– The new T1, which replaces the The One for 2013, has a completely new forged caliper body which is more compact and stiff boasting performance while retaining the same piston dimensions. The hose routing has been improved by a new angled caliper exit point which has been moved to the inside. The T1 is available now and retails for $349.- per end.

The New T1 which replaces The One in 2013.
The T1 calliper body.
The T1 calliper body – the other side.

– For 2013 the R1R, R1 and RX models come with a newly developed semi metallic pad which have high braking power at low and high speeds and good initial bite, but most of all, reduced noise generation and a shorter run-in process than the organic and sintered Formula pads. If your bike runs a component combination that tends to develop some noise under braking, Formula recommends giving the new semi metallic pads a go. These are now available from your local Formula retailer for $36.90 per end.