16 Nov 2012

The landmark series follows Gee to Utah for the ultimate test of his skills, at Red Bull Rampage

Leaving behind his usual downhill environment, Gee Atherton hits up Virgin in Utah for the ultimate mountain bike contest: Red Bull Rampage.

The unique environment of the contest is alien territory for most riders, forcing them to step out of their comfort zone and deliver their best riding while pushed to the limit. The terrain provides the chance to ride huge gaps and pull off incredible jumps while the soft soil makes for a more forgiving landing than usual, meaning anything is possible.

In his film, we follow Gee, a regular at the event since 2003, and his team through creating his line to taking to the course for the first time. Along the way he explores his desire to take on risk and discusses how he feels Rampage pushes the sport on and makes him proud to be a mountain biker.

This film offers the chance to see a rider at the top of his game take on new challenges in one of the world’s unique riding environments. How will Gee fare?

Four by Three is the latest spectacular series of films from Clay Porter following the Atherton siblings Rachel, Dan and Gee. Visit the official page to see the other films so far in the series.