FOX Australia Introduces FFT – FOX Factory Tuning – Program

The program will provide a cheaper alternative to buying a new fork to have the latest technology.

Launching globally, the program will allow the consumer to communicate directly with FOX technicians to tune their existing parts and make upgrades instead of purchasing entirely new forks or shocks. By providing feedback to FOX, you’ll be able to emulate the process that we experienced first hand at our 2018 FOX Test Event.

What’s new with the 2018 FOX range?

Improvements to the air spring and dampers are the big changes for 2018, have a look at what all that means here: FOX 2018.

What can FFT provide?

Want the new EVOL air spring and 2018 spec damper inside your 2016 model fork? Don’t buy an entirely new fork, ship it off to FOX and update its guts instead. Want the neat new lockout lever in place of the clunky old system? Want a firmer tune in your fork or shock? Done.

While forks are relatively straightforward, rear shocks are more specific to each bike. FOX has been working overtime on collecting data from bike manufacturers to gain data on the settings required for each bike, so when the FFT program rolls out, you’ll be able to just specify the bike and year model to match the rear shock. No more measuring eye-to-eye lengths or stroke lengths, they’ll have it all in the system.

Upgrade your shock or just the internals.

Can my local suspension service centre or bike shop do this?

FOX will only provide FFT, that means in Australia through the FOX distributors SOLA in Sydney, and the plan is to set a centre up in Perth to help with lead times for WA customers too. With FOX managing the process entirely, there will be a warranty covering the process and genuine FOX parts used.

The 2018 air spring and damper upgrades to our 2017 spec bike made it feel very high end.

A bike store will also be able to handle the process for you too, with the same channel of communication available to them. That’ll come in handy if the consumer wishes to accompany the job with other maintenance or to handle the task of removing and fitting the fork or shock.

What year model FOX fork and shock can be upgraded?

FFT program can upgrade all 2016 and 2017 shocks to 2018 specs (DPS and X2 shocks – DPX2 are already and only 2018 – Float X not is part of the program but can still be tuned to customer requirements).

How much, and when?

FOX Australia are still finalising the pricing and launch date; we’ll be back with those details as they come available.

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