FOX Releases 2014 All-Mountain Suspension

Words by FOX & Flow | Images by FOX

FOX introduces an updated 34 TALAS fork and completely new FLOAT X air shock.

FOX—the industry-leading ride dynamics company—has announced the release of two 2014 all-mountain products with the 34 TALAS CTD 160 fork and FLOAT X CTD shock.

The FOX 34 and the FLOAT X

The 34 TALAS

The 34 TALAS features a completely redesigned TALAS travel adjust system and the FLOAT X is a new reservoir air shock platform.

The 34 TALAS fork has key design changes that translate to smoother travel and improved handling. The updated CTD tune provides more damping support in each mode for better efficiency and control.

The TALAS system uses an air spring design similar to FLOAT, giving it superior bump compliance for more comfort and traction on the trail.

Mated to the air spring is a hydraulic travel adjuster that provides quick, crisp travel changes between 160mm and 130mm. All 2014 TALAS forks use the new travel adjust system.


The performance advantages of the FLOAT X’s reservoir design make it ideal for aggressive all-mountain riding. The increased oil volume and dual piston damping system produce an incredibly responsive ride while maintaining a consistent feel through rugged terrain.

The base valve on the reservoir gives the Climb, Trail and Descend modes a wide adjustment range to perfectly match trail conditions.


FOX FACTORY 34 TALAS CTD w/ Trail Adjust 160

  •   New TALAS travel adjuster
  •   160mm/130mm travel range
  •   3 on-the-fly settings with Climb/Trail/Descend
  •   Trail Adjust tuning range (1, 2, 3)
  •   Air spring pressure
  •   Rebound
  •   15QR thru axle
  •   26” and 27.5” wheel options
  •   4.33 lbs. / 1,964 g (26”)


  •   New reservoir air shock platform
  •   3 on-the-fly settings with Climb/Trail/Descend
  •   Trail Adjust tuning range (1, 2, 3)
  •   Air spring pressure
  •   Rebound
  •   Low friction hardware
  •   Remote option
  •   0.8 lbs. / 365 g (8.5 x 2.5, no hardware)