13 Aug 2013

In years past the BMC trailfox’s do-anything, go-anywhere versatility has been likened to that of the Swiss Army knife. The new trailfox is now based on 29- inch wheels and in that sense it has definitely grown up. The new trailfox is more powerful, potent, and wild. In short, it’s a Swiss Army knife with a very big blade.

Trailfox 01 XTR

Back to its Roots

To efficiently climb mountains and then experience the thrill of the descent: from the very beginning, this has been the motivation behind mountain biking. Already an exemplary climber, the BMC trailfox has long had the potential for conquering demanding descents. And now, after years of evolution, the latest generation of trailfox is uncharacteristically capable, especially because of its 29-inch wheels. Developed in conjunction with world-class Enduro riders, this 150mm Fully is designed with all of the original demands of mountain biking in mind, demands which overlap perfectly with those of today’s ever-growing Enduro scene.

Trailfox 01 XX1
Trailfox 01 XX1

Proven Technology

BMC brings proven technology to the new trailfox, like our Big Wheel Concept (BWC) geometry and our APS suspension system. After countless tests with different wheel sizes, our engineers once again opted for 29-inch diameter wheels as they provide the greatest potential for the trailfox, which has 150mm of travel. While many manufactures have shied away from the combination of 29-inch wheels with long travel and short stays, and some have even declared it impossible, BMC has used its engineering expertise to prove the contrary.

Trailfox SLX
Trailfox 02 SLX

Agile and Confident

The combination of a slack steering tube angel, lower center of gravity, shortened cockpit and specially developed handlebars provides for ultimate control, even at high speeds. The big wheels guarantee riding stability on rapid descents, unmatched rolling characteristics on technical sections, and phenomenal grip on sketchy terrain. Add to this the trailfox’s short chain stays and the formula for success is complete: the trailfox delivers unprecedented agility, and an uncanny ability to effortlessly navigate challenging trails.

Trailfox 02 - XT
Trailfox 02 – XT

An Efficient Climber

With regards to its downhill capability, the trailfox has decidedly evolved — but without sacrificing any of its esteemed climbing prowess. Its 29-inch wheels reduce rolling resistance and increase grip while its APS suspension ensures perfect power transfer through enhanced traction thanks to its anti-rocker features. The complete carbon frame weighs in at scant 2490 grams, including cable guides, rear axle, and frame protection.

Trailfox 03 SLX
Trailfox 03 SLX

Love for the Details

During the development of the new trailfox extreme attention was paid to the smallest details to ensure a sleek appearance with high-functionality. The integrated chain management keeps the chain securely connected to the drivetrain, and a low stand- over height offers crisp handling yet with room enough to mount dampers with a reservoir and a water bottle. And if just one chainring is to your liking, the front derailleur bracket can easily be removed. Thanks to the optional ISCG mount, a standard chain guide can be easily mounted.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 2.16.19 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 2.16.38 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 2.16.51 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 2.16.03 PM

A Complete Package

Aside from trailfox TF01, which is built on a full carbon frameset, BMC also offers more cost-effective versions. The trailfox TF02 has an aluminum rear end and carbon front triangle, while the TF03 offers a full aluminum version of the trailfox. With the new trailfox series, BMC covers all price points and therefore offers something for everyone who shares the passion for the original motivation for mountain biking.