02 Apr 2014

“The 2015 OverMountain series highlights some of the world’s best riding technologies – DYAD and SuperMax,” said Bob Burbank, Cannondale’s Global General Manager. “The Trigger and the Jekyll were developed for uncompromising mountain bikers ranging from weekend warriors to hyper competitive Enduro racers.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.17.27 PM
Jekyll 27.5″


These riders want bikes that get them to the top of the climb efficiently, but also allow them to bomb down the other side. With DYAD’s dual modes, ELEVATE and FLOW, the rider can select the best suspension travel and geometry setting for either climbing or descending, without compromise.”

With input from Enduro World Champion, Jerome Clementz, the Jekyll was completely redesigned with brand new geometry, new SuperMax front suspension, 27.5” wheels, and a new Fox DYAD rear shock tune with increased travel (160/95mm). Now, the winningest Enduro platform in the world has evolved into an all-new race weapon.

Complementing the Jekyll’s aggressive enduro nature, the adventure-focused 2015 Trigger brings unmatched versatility to the all-mountain/trail category. With 140 to 85mm adjustable rear travel and geometry, riders climb farther and descend faster than ever before. The all-new Trigger offers two bikes in one for the best all-around mountain riding experience possible.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.18.36 PM
Trigger 27.5″

“During the development process, there is nothing like feedback from the greatest athletes in the sport. They go harder than anyone else and can really put our products to the test,” commented Burbank. “This interaction helps our engineers develop the best bikes in the world. The new OverMountain lineup will let any rider push it to the next level and truly OverDo It.”

FOX DYAD pull shock.