Fresh Product: Giant Rail and Roost Helmets, now with MIPS Protection

Following the release of the popular Rail helmet last year, Giant bring an even lower priced version to the market, the Roost.

Both the Rail and Roost are also now available with MIPS Protection, a helmet feature that has grown to become a priority for the safety conscious. What’s impressive in this case is how Giant have brought a MIPS helmet to such an affordable price point, $159 for the Roost and $179 for the Rail.

Giant Roost and Rail MIPS-7734
The new Roost.

Giant Roost and Rail MIPS-7732

The Rail is an impressively light and well ventilated helmet designed to accomodate goggles with plenty of space in the front and a goggle strap clip out the back. The Roost forgoes a few features and vents to bring the price down but feels very similar on the head.

What is MIPS?

As Giant put it: “MIPS is a patented brain protection system developed to reduce the rotational violence from angled impacts that can cause strain to the brain. MIPS mimics the brain’s own protection system inside the skull by adding a low-friction layer between the head and helmet. A helmet with MIPS can absorb more energy from an angled impact.”

The yellow material is part of the MIPS Protection, a thin layer sitting between your head and the helmet's shell.
The yellow material is part of the MIPS Protection, a thin layer sitting between your head and the helmet’s shell.
Strain level images from lab tests where two identical helmets, one with MIPS and one without, tested at the same speed show a clear difference. The more red, the more strain to the brain. A helmet with MIPS reduces the rotational violence transmitted to the brain.
The super light and breathable Rail.
Giant Roost and Rail MIPS-7721
Goggle strap clip on the Rail.

In time for summer we’ll be reaching for the Rail and Roost when trails are fast and temps are high.

RAIL MIPS – $179


RAIL – $144

ROOST – $124

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