25 Apr 2013

Monarch RT3 paved the way last year with the introduction of Rapid Recovery with it’s all new damper design: now the rest of the family follows. The entire Monarch family now is tuned with Rapid Recovery.

Monarch RT3


In addition to the new Rapid Recovery rebound tune, Monarch XX, RL, RT, and R have improved compression circuits that improves compression bump performance while expanding the tuning flexibility for bike brands, allowing even further refinement to their chosen tune. these refined beauties run smoother, quitter and more consistant than any previous version of Monarch.


that new bulge at the bottom of the new air can isn’t an extrainous industrial design feature, it’s a redesign of the negative air volume in the Solo air spring system that improves small bump performance.

On top of that, Monarch RT3, XX, RL, RT and R now features a high volume eyelet option called HV-i. it allows for a higher volume, less progressive shock without the bulk or weight of the full High Volume air can. HV-i couples perfectly with bikes that need a little less progression, but don’t need the full High Volume air can system.

RT3 in white.


New and improved seals help keep the Monarch rear shocks performance constant and reduce friction, retaining Monarch’s position as the best performing, most-versatile air shocks on the market.

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