09 Jan 2013

We are very sad to say that it is necessary for us to move the date of the Hellfire Cup. We are looking at moving the Hellfire Cup to November this year. We understand that many participants have made travel plans and we’ll discuss options for you below.

Our primary reasons for postponing the Hellfire Cup are:

  • Emergency services that would normally be used in supporting traffic management and ensuring participant safety for the event will be involved in disaster relief at Dunalley, Connolly’s Marsh, Primrose Sands, Forcett, Copping, Taranna, Eaglehawk Neck.
  • The Scale of the devastation in the local community means that people involved in the event as volunteers and supporters are now focusing on their lost homes and businesses. South East Tasmania is experiencing a catastrophic fire event which is not over. (There are many other places in Tasmania that are unaffected so if you were planning to do the event as part of a trip to Tasmania, we’re only to happy to help you find trails to ride).
  • The course itself is currently unaffected, however, the current fire situation is that there are multiple fires in the area with predictions for fires to enter the Wielangta and Kellevie areas under current conditions. (Update – At the time of writing, there is currently an Watch and Act Bushfire Alert for Inala road which is next to Kellevie road).
  • Each of the surrounding towns have been affected by the fires and in many areas, the scale of the damage is unimaginable.