09 Oct 2013

The Monch is one of the most innovative novelties that exist for the climbers of today. The first time was the mountain bike downhill monk presenting at ISPO 2009 and was equal to one of the coveted ispo Awards dusting.

(Please forgive the Google translation – you get the drift by watching the video. The real fun starts at about 1.50)

The genius of the bike is that you can wear it as a backpack comfortably up the hill and there you can repurpose into a full downhill bike a few simple steps. The quality construction of the mountain monk Fahrad, a front suspension fork, and a damped swingarm at the rear combined with reliable disc brakes provide an unbridled pleasure downhill.

Also, the rough terrain downhill bike put away well fantastic, kneeling like a mountain monk (probably originates hence the unusual name) gehts rapidly down the mountain. The side pockets of the backpack provide (whether or not assembled) space for storage or Viaticum.