06 Feb 2013

Australia’s double 24H Solo World Champion Jason English has confirmed that he will race at the Rocky Trail 100 endurance mountain biking event at Stromlo Forest Park this Sunday, 10 February. It will be the first appearance back on the competitive racing scene by English after a collar bone injury and he is expected to return with a vengeance.

Jason English at Rocky Trail’s JetBlack WSMTB 12 hour race in 2012 just before the injury.

Rumours in the mountain bike racing industry have been going around that over summer Jason English had picked up a more stringent and tough training regime that ever before after his collar bone fracture in October last year. English confirmed to race the 100 miler distance in a field of not more than a dozen competitors who are prepared to take on that challenge.

“The Rocky Trail crew will put together an awesome course at Stromlo and it will be brutal. But I’m ready to put my shoulder and my new bike to the test”, said Jason English. It will not be for the faint of heart – to race the 33 km circuit, which will feature mostly tight and gnarly singletrails, for a total of five times it will require not only outstanding stamina but also immense willpower of the riders.

One of his biggest contestants will be Andrew Hall from Canberra,  who came in second in the event last year, right behind fellow local rider Ed McDonald. The 100 miler champion from 2012 hasn’t confirmed his participation as yet.

The 100 miler racers will start at 5am, which will reward them with a scenic morning lap at Mount Stromlo on an expected hot race day. Further challenges will include the 100 and 66 km races, which will include three and 2 laps respectively of the 33 km monster circuit. An introductory one-lap challenge, including junior categories, will be offered also.