21 Mar 2013

Josh Carlson wins the second FLOW Rollercoaster enduro gravity state series round at Wisemans Ferry.

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Organisers Rocky Trail had arranged two different race tracks for the more than 100 competitors at picturesque Del Rio riverside venue and the 26-year old mountain bike and all-mountain racing pro from Wollongong dominated the high-profile elite men’s field. Jon Odams from Sydney took out the second place and downhill legend Michal Ronning from Hope Island (QLD) claims again third ahead of Mick Ross (Sydney, NSW) and Jason Blackmore (Pullenvale, QLD).

Men’s podium (l-r): Mick Ross, Michael Ronning, Josh Carlson, Jon Odams, Jason Blackmore.

“This was one of the most challenging and fun days out”, said Carlson of his race that had competitors ride untimed to the start lines of two different race tracks and after a few hours of practice the fastest combined race times counted. “These race tracks live up to any international standard and I am so thrilled that this riding and racing format finally is gaining popularity in Australia”, said Carlson who has been racing in the United States for the last few summer seasons, focusing on the all-mountain discipline.

Josh Carlson busts out the the start gate.

All-mountain enduro racing is the new kid on the block of mountain bike racing and with its roots in the French Alps and North American high-country it has been gaining traction in Australia, attracting a wide range of mountain bikers as it combines cross-country trails that require a good amount of fitness and endurance as well as challenging downhill sections that will reward those with good technical riding skills.

“It’s the perfect day out with your riding buddies – you explore the trails and ride together, but then you also have the element of a race where you get to challenge each other and certain parts of the course”, said Jon Odams from Sans Souci (NSW), current leader of the FLOW Rollercoaster NSW State Series. With a 6th place in the 2012 UCI Oceanias Super D all-mountain event in Rotorua (NZ), Odams has become one of the big supporters of all-mountain racing in NSW.

Current series leader Jon Odams.

Odams leads the series ahead of Michael Ronning and Joshua Carlson. Elite female racer Genevieve McKew claims her second win in the series, leading ahead of State 4X and Downhill talent Vanessa Thompson (Yanderra NSW) and former National Downhill Champion Joanne Fox (Penrith NSW).

The FLOW Rollercoaster enduro racing series is now headed for the new Thredbo all-mountain trails, where the NSW State Championship event will take place on 6 April, before the final series round at Stromlo Forest Park on 28 July. For more information and to sign up, visit www.rockytrailentertainment.com

Michael Green shredding the Del Rio Enduro