31 Aug 2013

Queensland’s Janine Jungfels secured Australia’s first ever Observed Trials World Championship medal when she finished third in the elite women’s event at the Cascades MTB Park on Friday.

In Observed Trials, riders cover six sections of a varied and interesting course featuring logs, rocks, rivers and machinery three times, try to accumulate as few points as possible.  Points are given to competitors for putting feet on the ground, with five is the maximum number of points that can be lost on a particular section.

Despite a sensational effort by Jungfels, 25, which saw her record only two ‘fives’ during her round to finish on 17 points, it was not enough following a superb effort by Tatiana Janickova and Gemma Abant who both finished on eight points to take the gold and silver respectively.

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“I’m happy to have made the podium, obviously I wanted to get the title, but not this year, so I will have to come back next year,” said Jungfels, who entered the World Championships in strong form after claiming silver in the most recent World Cup a few weeks ago.

“My first section of the day I had a five and I cleaned it the next two times through, so getting that really put me behind.  Then I got another stupid five in the last lap, in another section I had already cleaned,” she explained.

“You take those points away and I could have walked away with it on seven points.  Just two bad mistakes cost me, but that’s what happens in Trials,” added Jungfels, who unfortunately will not be able to travel to the final World Cup round in Belgium due to the costs of competing.

In the men’s Trials events held on Wednesday and Thursday, Victoria’s Nathan Mummery finished 16th in the 26-inch category and 23rd in the 20-inch.

“Sixteenth for me is awesome, my ride was really good and I am really happy with my performance,” said Mummery.

“The course was very technical and had a lot of fives and cleans.  I had a lot of cleans, a lot of zeros, which is always good.