11 Jun 2013

The Perth Mountain Bike Club are holding a Junior Development (JDC) and Coaching Development camp specifically for mountain biking in Pemberton on the 12 – 14 July 2013.

The idea behind the camp was to bring mountain bike specific coaches from the Eastern States and Northern Territory to train our U15 – U19 juniors to National level. PMBC would then mentor these riders over the rest of 2013 and form a junior state team to take to the MTB Nationals in 2014.

With fantastic support from the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) this idea has grown to running a coaching development camp at the same time. The interest in both of these camps has been overwhelming with both camps filling the quotas of 20 juniors and 12 coaches well before the cut off dates.

The camp is based at the Pemberton Camp School and the beautiful Pemberton MTB park. This venue enables us to deliver every aspect of a coaching camp and JDC without having to move people around in a car or bus from venue to venue.

A big part of the coaching camp will be the real life experience our coaches will get in being part of the JDC while doing their level 1 MTB coaching accreditation. This will be a massive bonus for the coaches and juniors alike.

Cycling Australia and Mountain Bike Australia have been extremely helpful and supportive in logistics of the coaching development camp. On top of that, Westcycle and WAMBA have also been very supportive in this great initiative, the first of its kind in Australia.

Trek Bicycles, The Target Trek MTB team, Bontrager and Shotz Sports Nutrition have all gotten behind the JDC camp providing gifts, prizes and give aways for every participant.

Tim Ellison, is directing the training and assessing of our coaches. He is a national MTB coach and national XCO selector from the NT. Jenny King is a level 2 coach, she is a current multiple National Champion from Vic and is really excited to be part of our JDC. We also have local downhill legends Dion Baker and Rex Dubois to show the juniors how to corner, jump, rail and nail every obstacle.

Why no U13’s you ask, PMBC already have an awesome partnership with local MTB development company “Rock and Roll MTB”. Rock and Roll have a program to develop and nurture the U9’s and U13’s all the way from very beginner to racing at state level.

Mountain Biking is certainly in a massive growth stage and is a very popular sport all the way from the weekend warrior to the elite racer. Initiatives like the JDC and Coaching Development camp will only help grow our sport and hopefully provide our WA juniors with a pathway to international stardom.