Kettle Cycle's two piece rotor
22 Nov 2012
Kettle Cycles fantastic new rotor
Barely heavy enough to register on the scales, Kettle’s flagship rotor weighs just 40g

A bicycle rotor that is light weight, wear resistant and has superior heat management. Sound good?

What is SiCCC?
SiCCC, is a Silicon Carbide, Ceramic, and Carbon fiber braking material developed specifically for cycling. Our goal from the start was to create a more reliable, better wearing, lighter weight brake rotor. Silicon Carbide for friction, Ceramic for heat, and Carbon fiber for strength.

The SiCCC disc rotor braking surface provides a level of power and progressive feel that equals or surpasses the best conventional rotors. The progressive power is excellent; not much lever effort is required, and the response is quick but not over-the-bar grabby by any means.

The SiCCC disc rotor braking surface is a non-metallic composite and it is thermally inert, meaning it doesn’t expand and contract as all metal rotors do. There is no heat-induced stress distortion on the disc.