12 Nov 2012

Endless flow Cycles is excited to announce that we will be bringing Knolly bicycles and Joystick components to the Australian riding scene.

Originating in British Columbia, Canada, Knolly has had a long history and involvement in the freeride and downhill scene with its unique “4 x 4” suspension system that allows the bike to be supple, stable and stiff while descending, whilst maintaining a responsive platform for climbing. Recently ridden by Garrett Buehler and James Doerfling with great success in the Red Bull Rampage, Knolly has increased its lineup this year to include a lighter all mountain/freeride model called the Chilcotin and a trail/all mountain model called the Endorphin.  In the tradition of the Knolly Heritage both of these bikes offer unsurpassed descending ability whilst bringing an even more efficient and responsive climbing platform. Above all they are fantastic fun to ride!  We feel that the Endorphin is going to be “the” bike to have for all mountain riding and racing this year.

Joystick Components are an emerging company based in Vancouver Canada offering high end handlebars and saddles, including a carbon all mountain model. With their high quality construction these components offer a stylish look, great comfort and reliability and the heritage of being “BC born and bred”. Joystick handle bars and saddles are featured on all of the Knolly build kits.

Joystick Components

The Endless flow cycles team of experienced riders and racers will be offering direct sales of Knolly Bikes and Joystick components as well as maintaining a regular schedule of ride days and presence at the all mountain and Downhill events happening in NSW and Victoria in 2012/2013. The new Knolly range ticks the right boxes with ability to take tapered steerers, 142mm through axle and modern head angles and bottom bracket heights. More than this we challenge people to get out and try a Knolly- where the talk ends and the trail begins these bikes speak for themselves- they are insanely stable, maneuverable and most of all the best damn fun of any bike out there.

We have a good range of sizes and colors of both the Endorphin and Chilcotin and will have the new and revised Podium frames available in December when production starts. We will be offering build kits and framesets, including the fantastic new Cane Creek Double Barrel Air on the Chilcotin and Podium. The build kits are fantastic quality and value and are a perfect match for the high end nature of the bikes.


If you would like further details on our upcoming ride days and event attendance go to: www.endlessflowcycles.com.au or email us at [email protected]

Knolly Pricing

Knolly Endorphin with Fox CTD $2350
Knolly Chilcotin with Fox RP23 Kashima $2450
Knolly Chilcotin with Cane Creek Double Barrel Air $2750
Knolly Podium with Fox DHX RC4 coil $3100
Knolly Podium with Cane Creek Double Barrel Coil or Air $3200

Frame with Knolly Build kit
Knolly Endorphin with Fox CTD and build kit $6700
Knolly Chilcotin with Fox RP23 Kashima and build kit $6400
Knolly Chilcotin with Cane Creek Double Barrel Air and build kit $6700
Knolly Podium with Fox DHX RC4 coil and build kit $ 7400
Knolly Podium with Cane Creek Double Barrel Air or coil and build kit $7500