Loosefest 2017: All The Action

*UPDATE* Scroll down for final day photos and highlights video.

All The Videos

Course Walk

50to01 lads warm up and have first sends of the big ones

Day 1 highlights

Josh Bryceland’s GoPro POV

Sam Reynolds’ POV – Watch his speed reach almost 90km/h!

2017 Highlights!

The FEST is a series of rider driven invitational events. It was created by a crew of the most talented and progressive professional freeriders, recognised around the world for their riding, track building and media production skills.  The original 6 FEST riders are Andreu Lacondeguy, Nico Vink, Makken, Nick Pescetto, Kurt Sorge and Graham Agassiz.

The FEST brings out the purest and most real essence of MTB Freeriding, which is about pushing the limits of the sport by always building new lines, and riding massive jumps in optimal conditions.

Nico Vink has been racing the World Cup circuit and building BMX trails for two decades, and the way we see it this is the perfect education for building a FEST Series line.

Nico Vink, taking freeride MTB to the next level
Day 1 on the ‘small’ line
Joel Anderson dangling a nac nac on the ‘small’ 45ft trick jump
Josh Bryceland keeping busy despite not racing World Cup DH in 2017
Some time to spot the landing
Loosefest visionary, Nico Vink
Sam Reynolds getting his Polygon very sideways

Remy Morton, all round shredder from Queensland who’s been racing World Cup Downhill in Europe had a big crash on Friday evening, going too far and nose heavy on the last hip. He is in a stable condition and in good hands and all the boys are sending him the best wishes for a smooth recovery.

All photos courtesy of Eric Palmer. Follow him on Instagram @afreakineric.

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