04 Jun 2013

Lusty Industries & Distributors are absolutely stoked to announce they are the newly appointed distributor of world leading Speed Equipment supplier Troy Lee Designs, also incorporating James Stewarts apparel company SEVEN and the co-branded DC Shoes Apparel.

Troy Lee Designs needs no introduction into the world of Action and Motor Sports. It is one of the world’s most revered brands and is synonymous with ‘The World’s Fastest Racers’ whilst continuing to create products that exceed cutting edge style, design and quality. Troy Lee Designs has a strong connection to channels such as F1 to Indy to NASCAR, Motocross to Enduro to Freestyle MX, Dirt Track to Road Racing, MTB to BMX to downhill and XC.

“Lusty Industries has an unrivalled track record in successful marketing and building Action Sports brands within the Australian Market, all of my team are pumped to be able to drive Troy Lee Designs to the next level in our markets along with rocking the products everyday of the week ourselves”

“Using the experience from our motivated and youthful team plus the considerable resources at our disposal the simple objective is to maximize the opportunities that Troy Lee and his team have created through their amazing products. I have looked to Troy Lee Designs since founding Lusty Industries with admiration and influence, to be able to offer this brand to Australian Consumers is a very humbling and proud moment for me personally. Troy Lee Designs and Lusty Industries have a long term strategy for growth, the brand has such a great heritage and an amazing future and this is all seen through their continued investment and innovation. Most importantly with everything we do at Lusty Industries is to have a bunch of fun and create some cool marketing initiatives.” said Lusty Industries Managing Director, Johnny McLean.

“I’m excited to partner with a team of young professionals, whom I can tell have the same commitment to the action sports that I love. I’m confident Lusty Industries is focused on expanding the Troy Lee Designs brand throughout Australia. I’m equally stoked to start a long-term relationship with Johnny’s innovative team, and I feel they have a ton of horsepower. Lusty’s energetic sales force & outstanding infrastructure are impressive. It’s obvious that they’re eager to push our brand to the next level. All of us are excited about what the future holds working with such a proactive and progressive distributor.

In closing, I’d like to thank Steve Cramer and the entire staff of Steve Cramer Products for 20+ years of support, and want to wish them well.” Said, Troy Lee founder and owner of Troy Lee Designs.

The 2014 Troy Lee Designs Motorcycle range will be available from Lusty industries starting the 3rd June with Bicycle and Sportswear available in July. SEVEN Brand and DC Motorcycle apparel availability is TBD.