19 Jun 2013

The long wait was worth it: Today Danny MacAskill’s most ambitious project is finally released. The much anticipated ‘Imaginate‘ riding clip is a gateway into Danny’s mind and gives us a glimpse of Danny’s childhood imaginations. Filmed at an especially designed film set, Danny shows-off incredible new tricks using extraordinary features.

‘MacAskill’s Imaginate‘ tells little Daniel’s story: sitting on the floor in his childhood bedroom on the tiny island Isle of Skye, little Daniel is playing with his miniature bike toy. Cut! Next scene, over a decade later: Danny’s childhood dream becomes a reality! The globally renowned YouTube phenomenon, who has now had more than 65 million views from all three of his previous edits, was given the chance to create his own playground in Kelvin Hall, the former Museum of Transport in Glasgow.

Despite numerous setbacks due to his injured spine, the Scotsman reached a never seen before riding level. The result: a seven-minute jaw-dropping clip! Danny’s gravity defying tricks in a gigantic dream-like set-up, make ‘MacAskill’s Imaginate’ the eye-catcher clip of the year! Doing front flips over F1-cars and tailwhips from the barrel of a tank are only some funky features of this unconventional edit.

After two years of preparations and filming, the ‘Imaginate’ project is probably Danny’s most remarkable achievement. As part of the Imaginate web series, we have been following Danny’s fantastic career, from his first YouTube-hit ‘Inspired Bicycles’ up to today’s ‘Imaginate’. Now the time has come to be blown-away by Danny’s final edit. But as we know the down-to-earth Scotsman is not particularly effected by the huge level of expectations and was fully concentrated on producing his best clip yet: “Red Bull gave me a complete freedom to build the set ups that have allowed me to do the tricks that have just been in my dreams until now.”