Marzocchi Returns To Golden Era With New Bomber Z1 Coil Fork!

Lovers of coil-sprung goodness rejoice – Marzocchi has just launched the brand new Bomber Z1 Coil! That’s right, the classic Italian suspension manufacturer (which is now owned by Fox Racing Shox), has finally returned to its roots with the first coil-sprung suspension fork we’ve seen from the brand for some time. Coil forks and shocks are hot property right now, so it seems like the perfect time for Marzocchi to huck back into the market it once used to dominate.

marzocchi bomber z1 coil fork
Simmons on a Slayer with a coil-sprung ‘Zocchi. Preach!
marzocchi bomber z1 coil fork
Marzocchi introduces the Bomber Z2 Coil for those who want the absolute plushest performance.

Utilising the same chassis as the existing Bomber Z1, an air-sprung fork that’s been on the market for nearly two years now (check out our test here), this coil-spring version is an addition to the range for big hitting enduro racers and freeriders who prioritise buttery-plush performance over all else.

Like the current Bomber Z1, the Bomber Z1 Coil uses 36mm diameter stanchions and is available in both 27.5in and 29in sizes. In fact, the chassis is identical between the two forks, and the GRIP damper is carried over too. Travel runs from 150-180mm, and it’s internally adjustable in 10mm increments by reorienting the internal spacers. The dropouts are Boost 110x15mm only, though you do have a choice between reduced or standard offsets.

marzocchi bomber z1 coil fork
The fork chassis is identical to the existing Bomber Z1 fork, but instead of air, you’ve got curly steel inside the left-hand leg.

Instead of an air spring assembly, you’ve got a tempered silicon-chromium steel spring inside the left-hand fork leg. There are four spring weights available, which Marzocchi says should cover riders between 54-113kg.

To provide some additional bottom-out control, Marzocchi has built in a secondary air spring called Air Assist. This is achieved by capturing air and oil within the fork’s spring side lower leg, that as well as lubricating the lowers, helps to provide some ramp at the end of the travel. It isn’t something you can adjust though, and the spring force is set at the factory. As to how it affects the spring rate? We’re not entirely sure, but we’ll be finding out soon enough!

As well as offering complete forks, Marzocchi will also be offering coil spring conversion kits. These will fit existing Z1 air forks, and they’ll also fit the Fox 36 Rhythm fork too. They won’t fit any other Fox 36 forks however.

The upgrade kit consists of the Plunger Top Cap Kit ($235 AUD) and the coil spring itself ($80 AUD). Going from air to coil will add around 250-350 grams depending on the spring weight.

As with other coil conversion kits, like those from Push Industries, the advice from Marzocchi is that once you’ve converted to coil, you can’t go back to air. This is due to the tiny marks and scratches that can occur as the coil spring rubs up against the inside of the stanchions, which would cause issues with air retention should you attempt to refit an air spring assembly.

marzocchi bomber z1 coil fork
Also available in Black. But why would you?

Joining the Bomber CR coil rear shock, the new Bomber Z1 Coil fork will be available in Australia shortly via Sola Sport. Conversion kits will also be available through your local Fox/Marzocchi dealer.

Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil Fork Specs

marzocchi bomber z1 coil fork
Huck it Wade!

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