Maydena Bike Park Announces Closure Due To COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Maydena Bike Park has officially closed with the aim of reopening later in the year

Highlighting just how quickly the situation is changing all over the country, this announcement represents a significant change from the park’s position from just a few days ago. Maydena had originally circulated a press release on Thursday last week, announcing that the park would close on April the 26th and would be altering day-to-day operations between now and then. In that time however, Tasmania, alongside other states in Australia, has effectively closed its borders to anyone other than locals and essential workers. For a bike park that largely survives on interstate tourism, the border closure changes things drastically.

Maydena Bike Park
Maydena Bike Park has closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but is planning to reopen later this year.

The world is in turmoil at the moment, and many of us are left reeling, trying to pick up the pieces. At Maydena Bike Park, we moved quickly and decisively to announce a closure, and have since brought that closure forward with our final day of trading yesterday. While there were and are options for us to continue trading and/or modify our operation, we do not feel it is responsible to continue in the current times. With the Tasmanian border now effectively closed we knew we were facing many months of closure. With this in mind we have announced a re-opening of September 26th, and will begin putting together our season of events over coming days.” – Simon French, Managing Director, Maydena Bike Park.

As part of the announcement, French and the Maydena team have acknowledged the social and moral responsibility to close the bike park. They have also acknowledged the huge financial impact that the closure will have. With that in mind, there are several measures the park is taking to drive revenue in hope of retaining staff through the closure period. Read on for the official press release from the Maydena Bike Park and to see how you can help!

maydena bike park
Want to visit Maydena later this year? Read on to see how you can help!
Maydena Bike Park
Maydena has quickly grown into a must-visit destination for Australian and international mountain bikers.

Press Release: Maydena Bike Park launches unprecedented pre-season sales event

The COVID-19 virus has had a devastating effect on tourism businesses across the world, particularly in Tasmania where the state’s borders have been effectively shut. While the virus has forced a public closure of Maydena Bike Park, the park is set to re-open with a bang in the Spring, September 26th.

Today, the park will be launching its biggest ever pre bookings sale. A wide range of discounts will be offered, with the first-in scoring the biggest deals. Customers can help the park get some bookings through the door, and in return will receive massive discounts. For all bookings from September 26th onwards (including the massive open day itself), discounts will be as follows;

For those not ready to make a booking yet, a special deal will be available on vouchers/credits. $50, $100 and $200 vouchers/credits will have +10% added ($200 voucher will be bumped up to $220 value).

The promotion will run from today until the end of April. Discount codes will be announced at 5pm on the park’s social media channels- we suggest getting in quickly to make the most of the larger discounts before they run out. A separate season pass sale will launch in coming weeks. With new trails and facilities on the way, and a huge open day planned, this is a great way to lock in your next riding trip for a discounted rate, while helping the park through this crazy period.

Maydena bike park mick ross
We love Maydena – here’s hoping the park comes back stronger than ever when it reopens later this year!

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