Merida Rolls Out New ‘Limited Edition’ Alloy eOne-Sixty & eOne-Forty Models For 2020

Last year Merida rolled out its second generation eOne-Sixty electric mountain bike. To say this has been a highly anticipated e-MTB would be a gross understatement. Merida delivered on the hype though, with a new carbon fibre mainframe that tucked a Shimano battery cleanly into its downtube to provide a much cleaner look, with room for a water bottle inside the mainframe.

2020 merida eone-sixty e160 e-mtb electric mountain bike
The Merida eOne-Sixty has been completely overhauled for 2020, and the new bike is better in every way compared to the first generation model.

There’s a tonne of other improvements on the new 2020 eOne-Sixty, including fresh geometry, a mullet wheelsize combo, and changes to the rear suspension travel and kinematics. You’ll have likely read about those in our first ride review of the flagship 10K model (which confusingly costs $12K…), and we also published a comprehensive range overview of all seven models across the 2020 eOne-Sixty and the new eOne-Forty platforms.

More recently, Wil put the 2020 Merida eOne-Sixty 9000 to the test on home turf, and you can check out his in-depth review of this killer long travel e-MTB right here.

Merida clearly isn’t done yet though, with today’s announcement of a brand new alloy ‘Limited Edition’ option for both the eOne-Sixty and eOne-Forty.

2020 merida eone-sixty e160 e-mtb electric mountain bike eone-forty
Merida has just introduced a new alloy ‘Limited Edition’ version of the eOne-Sixty and eOne-Forty platforms for 2020.
2020 merida eone-sixty e160 e-mtb electric mountain bike eone-forty
Geometry, suspension and frame shape are identical to the carbon models, but you get more bang for your buck.

Utilising the same integrated profile as the carbon models, the new alloy eOne-Sixty and eOne-Forty models simply swap the carbon fibre mainframe for a hydroformed alloy mainframe. The shape is very similar between the two, with the alloy frames also featuring an open downtube cavity that accepts Shimano’s clip-in battery pack. Both the eOne-Sixty and eOne-Forty Limited Edition bikes are built around the more powerful E8000 motor (rather than the E7000 motor used on the cheapest carbon models), and they feature a burly RockShox suspension package and 12-speed Shimano drivetrains.

Geometry is identical to the carbon models, and that means you’ve got the big 29in wheel up front with a 2.5in wide tyre, and a 27.5in wheel out back with a 2.6in wide tyre. The suspension design is the same, as is the travel. In fact, the back end of the frame is identical, since the carbon models use an alloy sub-frame anyway.

2020 merida eone-sixty e160 e-mtb electric mountain bike eone-forty
The alloy eOne-Sixty now gets that sleek integrated Shimano battery pack.
2020 merida eone-sixty e160 e-mtb electric mountain bike eone-forty
Suspension travel and kinematics are carried over from the carbon models.

Pricing for the new eOne-Sixty Limited Edition is $6,699, which is actually the same as the cheapest carbon model (the eOne-Sixty 5000). So that begs the question; would you go for the carbon frame and the 10-speed drivetrain? Or the alloy frame with the more powerful motor and Shimano’s new 12-speed shifting? We’d love to hear what you folks think, so be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

As for the eOne-Forty Limited Edition, it’ll be selling for $6,499, which is over a grand cheaper than the carbon model (the eOne-Forty 8000).

Read on for the full specs below;

2020 merida eone-sixty e-mtb electric mountain bike
The eOne-Sixty Limited Edition gets the more powerful E8000 motor, along with a Shimano 1×12 drivetrain and Maxxis Minion tyres.

2020 Merida eOne-Sixty Limited Edition Specs

2020 merida eone-forty e-mtb electric mountain bike
With a shorter stroke shock and a 140mm fork, the eOne-Forty sharpens the angles and lowers the centre of gravity for more intuitive handling.

2020 Merida eOne-Forty Limited Edition Specs

2020 merida eone-sixty e160 e-mtb electric mountain bike eone-forty
If you’re not so fussed on carbon, the new alloy models get you better parts for your dollar.
2020 merida eone-sixty e160 e-mtb electric mountain bike eone-forty
Yiew jumps!

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