05 Jun 2013

Dirt Art are pleased to announced that our latest Western Australian trail project is now open for business.

The network of trails on Mount Gunjin provides a significant addition to the existing Kalamunda Circuit (approximately 22km), through the installation of 5.5km of all-mountain/gravity cross country descents, a new 2km section of climbing trail and a 500m descent back into the existing circuit.  The highlight of the development is the fast, free-flowing descents, which include three upper mountain trails, two mid-mountain trails and a single trail to the base of Mount Gunjin.  The trails feature a range of steel and timber trail features, berms, a jump line and a range of technical rocky terrain.  Regarded by many as the signature trail of the development ‘Judderbars’ is all about flow, offering a kilometre of swooping bermed turns, rollers and jumps.  The Gunjin development is firmly geared towards gravity cross country/all mountain riding, and offers a true mountain bike playground for all comers.

Dirt Art Director Simon French quotes the project as; ‘these trails are the definition of fun on a mountain bike, we had the ability and scope to open our bag of trail building tricks very wide for this project- the trails have a bit of everything, from technical dirt jumps to grin-inducing flow trails.  Our crew want to take this piece of hill home with us’.

As an addition to the gravity trail development and in support of their efforts advocating for the project, Dirt Art have provided the Western Australian Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA) with a $10,000+ in-kind donation towards this development.

Dirt Art acknowledge the significant efforts of Lindsay Alsop (Vice President) and the Western Australian Mountain Bike Association, who have tirelessly advocated for these trails, including sourcing the funding to allow for professional construction.  For more information on WAMBA or to join head to www.wamba.org.au