Innovative new app claims to help you find the perfect saddle

Two of the cycling industry’s leading innovators and experts in bike fit technologies are pleased to announce their collaboration on an exciting new consumer product: The Anatomical Universal Saddle Selector app, available for Apple and Android platforms.

Dubbed the Anatomical Universal Saddle Selector, the App is the brainchild of former Specialized and Bontrager brand directors, Jackson Taint and Mark Gütsch. As heads of Body Geometry and BioDynamics at Specialized and Bontrager respectively, Taint and Gütsch are jointly credited with bringing bike fit technologies ‘to the masses’ during the early 2000s.

ANUSS will be available on both Apple and Android platforms for smart phone and tablets this Spring.

“The Anatomical Universal Saddle Selector app takes the guess work out of choosing that most vital of components – your saddle,” said Jackson Taint. Added Mark Gütsch: “By giving riders, armed simply with their smart phone or tablet, the ability to ensure their saddle provides the perfect fit, we’re taking rider comfort and performance to a new level.”

The Anatomical Universal Saddle Selector (ANUSS) utilises the pressure sensitivity of modern tablets and the recent advances in smart phone camera resolutions to capture the precise dimensions of a rider’s saddle contact points. “Sit-bone width and perineum profile are rapidly analysed and then matched to the ideal saddle for each specific rider from the broad range of brands represented in the saddle database,” said Gootsch.

saddle smartphone app
ANUSS takes advantage of your smartphone’s rear facing camera to map the contours of your sit-bone and perineum areas.

Apple iPad users can take their ANUSS fit to an truly elite level; the tablet’s robust aluminium body and high strength glass face allows users to truly emulate their seated cycling position. Through advanced pressure mapping, the ANUSS app can then recommend saddle padding density, along with saddle shape and width.

“Together with leading orthopaedic surgeons and proctologists, we have closely examined and mapped the perineum and anal areas of thousands of riders, from pros to weekend warriors,” explains Taint. “Riders can also choose to contribute to the ANUSS database and help increase the accuracy of future user’s experiences, by uploading the pressure map or high resolution photo of their perineal area.”

With ANUSS, visits to your bike shop for saddle fitting are a thing of the past. Using your tablet’s touch screen capabilities, ANUSS can generate a 3D model of your anal region and match it to a database of hundreds of saddles.

The ANUSS smart phone app is also Instagram and Facebook-enabled, allowing you to instantly share a 3D pressure mapped image of your perineum and sit-bones (along with your saddle recommendation) with your friends and fellow cyclists.

Early versions of ANUSS have already attracted the praise of mountain bike and road cycling professionals alike. Fabian Cancellara, of the Trek Factory Team, is effusive about the app’s potential. “After years of cobble classics, I thought I my saddle fit was perfect,” said Cancellara, “but after just a few minutes of playing with my ANUSS, I realised I could be even more comfortable on the bicycle.” Olympic XCO gold medallist Jaroslav Kulhavy has been a key figure in the ANUSS project. “For me, the ANUSS is all about helping new riders enjoy cycling even more. I am always showing my prototype ANUSS to friends and encouraging them to use it,” said Kulhavhy.

Apple iPad users can take advantage of ANUSS’s Position Opitmized Objective Sensitive (POOS) technology, allowing accurate simulation of your cycling position.

“With our combined experience, and the input of our community of ANUSS users, the sky really is the limit,” said Gootsch. “We’re already looking at the development of ANUSS v2.0. which will build upon digital imaging capabilities – at this stage, likely inclusions for v2.0 include instant post-ride analysis of any redness or chafing to recommend other bike fit modifications such as saddle height, saddle angle or handlebar height.”

For more information about ANUSS and how it can change your cycling, or to download your free trial version of the app, head to

You got a match! With almost 1000 saddles in the ANUSS database, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect cycling partner.

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