2016 FOX 27.5+ (Yes, 27.5 PLUS) Fork

FOX have warped the time-space continuum, revealing details of a new 2016 FOX 34 fork (and yes, it does feel like New Years Eve was just last week!) that telegraphs loud and clear just want the industry trends are going to be for 2016.

What are we talking about? Well, the keen eyed amongst you will have noticed that this is a 27.5+ fork – yes, 27.5 PLUS. If you haven’t heard of 27.5+ before, don’t think you’re behind the curve. The concept was unknown to us until a couple of weeks ago.


If you though the wheel size debate was resolved (or at least were hoping like hell that it had been!) then we have news for you. Another standard is on the way, and its name is 27.5+. Essentially 27.5+ swims in the murky waters between a 27.5 / 650B wheel, and a Fat Bike. It’s a 27.5″ rim, which rolls more like a 29er, thanks to the use of 3-inch’ish tyre. Cue forum meltdowns.

We’re going to withhold judgement until we ride one. We already understand the benefits of a large volume tyre on a 27.5″ rim (we’ve been using big rubber with wide Ibis rims on our Trek Fuel EX test bike for months) we do feel kind of befuddled about the necessity of new forks to support another standard.

While Rockshox have had the Bluto Fat Bike fork out for a long time, this is the first 27.5+ fork we’re aware of – read on for all the details. Points to note include a massively wide chassis, and a wider hub spacing (110mm).


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