27 Mar 2013

 FOX—the industry-leading ride dynamics company—has announced the release of two 2014 gravity offerings with the 40 FLOAT RC2 and DHX RC4. The 40 utilises an air spring and lightweight chassis and the DHX RC4 offers improved damping circuits and new adjustments.


Taking a clean slate approach and two years of development through FOX’s RAD (Race Applications Development) program, the 2014 40 FLOAT RC2 features a completely redesigned chassis and FLOAT air spring, dropping over a pound of weight from the previous model. The new chassis has the same strength as the previous design but all of the major components—the lower legs, crowns and upper tubes—have been optimized to lower the fork weight to 5.98 pounds (2711g). The FLOAT air spring is not only lighter than a coil system, it also offers incremental spring tuning and the addition of an adjustable compression ratio to modify the progressiveness of the spring curve.

The 2014 DHX RC4 borrows technology used in FOX’s Podium motorcycle shock. The damping loads between the main piston and reservoir piston are balanced to provide a more sensitive feel and better responsiveness to direction change. In addition, the shaft diameter has been decreased to ½”, which decreases friction and increases traction.

If you’re after more technical detail, Fox have assembled a comprehensive rundown. Read it all here.