Canyon 2016 Range Highlights

Canyon is now available down under and their direct-to-consumer model is now selling to Australia and New Zealand. Their range of bikes is very complete, and remarkably sharp value, we took a look around at some of the new models now available.

For more on Canyon and how it all planning to work, visit our feature post here: Canyon Down Under.


*Updated – click here to read our full review of this Canyon Strive.

The bike that three time World Downhill Champion and Enduro Champion Fabien Barel designed is a pretty special bike. The Strive features their proprietary Shapeshifter system which lets you toggle between two modes via a remote lever on the bar.

Selecting from DH to XC mode transforms the bike in many ways, notably shortening the travel from 163mm to 130mm, and changing the geometry for better climbing or descending.

The Strive is priced from $4999 for an aluminium version, up to the team replica Strive CF 9.0 Team for $7499.

The $5999 Strive CF 8.0 Race – killer value!

DH Mode: 163mm travel, 25% sag, 66 degree head angle, 73.5 degree seating angle.

XC Mode: 130mm travel, 17% sag, 67.5 degree head angle, 75 degree seating angle.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 2.13.01 PM
The difference in the two modes. XC and DH.
The neatest ‘two bike in one’ concept we’ve ever seen.
Fabien Barel explains the Shapeshifter.
Fabien Barel explains the Shapeshifter from his point of view.
Full review coming soon.

With Shapeshifter the Strive aims to achieve the holy grail of ‘two bikes in one’. We’re keen on the concept, and while many bikes have come before and pulled off the task like the Cannondale Jekyll or Scott Genius the beauty of the Shapeshifter lies in its simplicity and use of a standard rear shock.

The darling of the 2016 Canyon range is mighty impressive, our early thoughts are overwhelmingly positive. Stay tuned for our review.

For more on the Shapeshifter, click here.


A step down in travel from the Strive is the Spectral, a 140mm travel (27.5″ wheels) trail bike with similar design to the Strive minus the Shapeshifter.

With 425mm chain stays and a 67 degree head angle, the Spectral is aimed at the all-mountain rider, and we are dying to try one out.

An extra large sized Spectral, the personal ride of Australian Canyon manager Darryl Moliere.


The classic all-rounder 110mm travel 29er is a staple in any brand’s lineup, this is a perfect bike for the beginner rider looking to get out there have a good time.

The aluminium frame keeps costs down, and the wide range of gears widens the bike’s usability.

The Nerve AL 9.9 for a cool $3999.
Black on black graphics are a little bit fancy.


The LUX is Canyon’s carbon cross country race bike, 29″ wheels and a slim 100mm of race-tuned travel.

Flex stays at the rear keep moving parts to a minimum without a suspension pivot near the rear wheel.


We couldn’t get enough of the slim and smooth lines on this frame, can’t wait to ride one…


Canyon are across road cycling too, hence their ability to produce a 870g frame, now that is light!

The Exceed comes to Australia in two models and a frame kit.

EXCEED CF SLX 9.9 Pro Race
Compliance and low weight in harmony.


In additional to the bikes we spotted at the 2016 launch there is a second 29er hardtail, the Grand Canyon and a fat bike, the Dude.

All information on Canyon products and services can be found at Canyon Australia, and Canyon New Zealand.

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