FIRST LOOK | The New Canyon Stoic Hardtail – More Thrills For Less Bills

Having already generated a tidal wave of internet buzz with the release of the new Spectral 29 last week, it would appear that Canyon isn’t quite ready to sign off for 2020. Slipping in just before the Xmas rush, the German direct-to-consumer giant is debuting a brand new mountain bike called the Stoic. Built around an alloy frame with new-school geometry, the Stoic is pitched as a rowdy UK-style hardtail that aims to bring maximum fun at a minimal price.

2021 canyon stoic hardtail
Canyon is slowly shaking its conservative image with the new Spectral 29, and now this – the Stoic hardcore hardtail.

The Canyon Stoic – What’s The Dealio?

The Stoic is an all-new model for Canyon. It’s a hardtail, so it sits alongside the Exceed and Grand Canyon, but the Stoic is quite a bit more aggro than those two. Canyon calls it “a Spectral 29 without the rear squishy bits“, and looking at the geometry and build kit, that sounds like a pretty good way to describe it. This ain’t your Dad’s old XC hardtail.

2021 canyon stoic hardtail
Complete bikes features aggressive Schwalbe rubber, a dropper post and a 140mm travel fork.

Big Forks & Plump Rubber

While it is a hardtail, this is most certainly no XC bike. Canyon has equipped the Stoic with a 140mm travel RockShox fork, and it’s rolling on aggressive 2.35in wide Schwalbe tyres, with a Magic Mary up front and a Hans Dampf out back. There’s plenty of mud clearance with the stock tyres, and there’s room for bigger rubber too – you can fit up to a 29×2.6in or a 27.5×2.8in tyre in the back end if you fancy adding a bit more squish.

That Looks Pretty Raked!

It most certainly is – the Stoic gets a 65° head angle and a long front centre to maximise descending stability. The Medium frame features a very healthy reach (455mm on the Medium and 480mm on the Large), which actually gets longer when you sit on the bike and the fork sags into its travel. Canyon has paired the long front centre to a stubby 40mm long stem for all frame sizes, and up to a 780mm wide handlebar.

Without any linkages or pivots to complicate things, the rigid back end can be made quite short – 428mm on the bigger sizes, and 418mm on the smaller sizes. This aims to trade up some high-speed stability to boost the Stoic’s playful demeanour.

2021 canyon stoic hardtail

2021 canyon stoic hardtail
The Stoic features a 6061-T6 alloy frame that places a greater priority on durability and practicality.

No Frills Alloy Frame

Keeping the cost low and durability high, the Stoic’s frame is built with 6061-T6 heat treated alloy tubes that are mechanically formed and then welded together. It’s all been kept nice and simple too – there’s a threaded bottom bracket, a tapered head tube, and external routing for the rear brake hose. You get Boost 148x12mm dropouts at the back, but there’s no fancy Quixle, just a plain bolt-up axle.

While the derailleur and dropper post cables do route inside the frame, there are no whizz-bang cable tunnels or high-tech port systems. However, Canyon has built a big opening underneath the downtube to provide easier access to the internal cables during maintenance.

2021 canyon stoic hardtail
Short stem, wide bars, slack head angle.

Size Specific Wheels

The Stoic is available in a huge range of frame sizes, from XX-Small through to X-Large. According to Canyon, that covers riders as short as 149cm (4’10”), all the way up to 200cm (6’6″) tall.

The smaller frame sizes (XXS-S) are built specifically around 27.5in wheels, while the larger sizes (M-XL) are built around 29in wheels. Canyon has done this to keep the stack height consistent throughout the range, and it also allows the smaller frames to get that shorter chainstay length too.

2021 canyon stoic hardtail
The bigger sizes feature a 428mm rear centre length, while the smaller frames go down to just 418mm.

Two Models, Sub-$3K Price Tags

Canyon will be launching two Stoic models in Australia for 2021. Pricing starts at $1,899 AUD for the Stoic 3, and tops out at $2,649 AUD for the Stoic 4. Both bikes are spec’d with the same alloy frame, the same wheelset, tyres, dropper post and cockpit. The main difference between the two bikes is in the fork and groupset, with the Stoic 4 getting a higher quality RockShox Pike, a SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain and Guide T brakes.

Either way, if you’re a rider on a more modest budget, or you’re someone who’s new to the sport, or you’re just after big bike geometry in a simpler all-weather-friendly package with fewer moving parts to worry about and maintain, then the Stoic is a new option to add to your list of potentials.

So how does it ride? We’ve just received the Stoic 4 to put to the test on our home trails – stay tuned for the full Flow review, coming soon!

2021 canyon stoic 3 hardtail
For less than two grand, the Stoic 3 comes with an air-adjustable RockShox Recon fork, Schwalbe ADDIX rubber, and a 1×12 SRAM Eagle drivetrain.

2021 Canyon Stoic 3

2021 canyon stoic 4 hardtail
Stepping up in price, the Stoic slaps on a Pike and 4-piston Guide brakes, along with a tougher NX Eagle drivetrain.

2021 Canyon Stoic 4

2021 canyon stoic hardtail
The Stoic adopts new-world geometry, a big fork, chunky tyres and a dropper post. And it certainly looks the business.

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