25 Jun 2013

The not-so-minor details


Finish Line Max Suspension Spray


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Velo Vita





Whether it is an old bike hidden in the basement or the latest full suspension rig, every mountain biker wants their suspension to work at its peak potential. Max Suspension Spray is a pro-grade stiction- fighting stanchion lubricant designed to maximize the performance of your suspension!

Over time, stanchions become dry and dirty, causing the fork to stiffen up, become noisy and lose travel. Max smoothes, quiets, and improves the performance of old and new forks even those with coated stanchions. Use Max before rides to ensure maximum responsiveness over the smallest of bumps, and the longest possible travel over extreme terrain. Use Max to break in new forks or bring old ones back to life!

Max Suspension Spray will:

  • Eliminate stiction and quiet noisy forks
  • Condition and protect rubber seals and O-rings
  • Improve the surface slip of coated stanchions.

Simply spray a light coat of Max on stanchions to keep your bike race-ready.