Fresh Product: Giant XTC Jr 1 Disc 24

We wish we had a dollar for every time an old timer says  to us something along the lines of “Gee whiz, that’s nothing like the bike I had as a kid!”…

Giant’s 2016 range is as complete as ever, and no one is left out for good options.

Fresh and ready for summer is the 24″ wheel Giant XTC Jr 1 Disc 24, for $459 it scores some real features for serious hooning about.

Giant XTC JR 25
Lookout, a Giant XTC for the grommets is coming to do a big skid on your lawn.

An aluminium frame keeps weight down to 13.8kg and unsightly rust away, as does the wheels which will give the bike a lighter handling when it gets rolling. You’ll find rack mounts, so fitting a rack to carry loads for the newspaper run or school commute is a snack.

21 gears with a wide range from Shimano will be there when the legs are tired and hills are steep, and a guard will protect the fragile parts when all the crashing happens.

Giant XTC JR 20
Shimano twist shifters, 21 speeds. 21 settings of awesome.
Giant XTC JR 18
Control centre of shred.
Giant XTC JR 10
Aluminium wheels keep weight down, and rust away.

Disc brakes are a big bonus, in more ways than one. Probably best at keeping any maintenance to a minimum, they also deliver powerful braking in any weather, ideal for mad skids all the time on anyones plush lawn.

The Tektro cable disc brakes are simple to work on, we had this set running sweet in no time at all. With the brake cables running inside full outer casing, they’ll stay slicker longer and easier to pull on with small hands.

Giant XTC JR 28
Tektro cable disc brakes, pretty cool for a kids bike!

You can’t do sick jumps without some good shockies! Up front a suspension fork gives you 50mm of bounce when off road, but can be locked out to make it easier when cruising the smoother streets looking for trouble.

Giant XTC JR 21
50mm of gutter jumping good times.
Giant XTC JR 12
Orange and yellow, safe on the roads, rad at the skate park.

Giant XTC JR 1

Bang for your buck, but also pretty sorted for those details that make it ride well and stand the test of time, the XTC Jr 1 Disc 24 is worth a look.

For more details, and other kids bikes from Giant, click here to hit up their Australian site.


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