Fresh Product: NEW RockShox Reverb Stealth and Reverb

Don’t let its familiar good looks fool you— Reverb is a whole new weapon.

Its internals have been completely re- engineered to improve on its already legendary performance and to offer enhanced reliability: all the smallest details, down to the single seal, have been re-evaluated and updated to pass the hardest and longest durability tests.

Additional bushing overlap also improves performance over time, while new 150- and 170-millimeter travel options are available to tame even the gnarliest of descents.
This is the brand-new Reverb, engineered for the next-generation mountain biker. RockShox_Reverb_Front_M


520g (Weight based on 340mm post length, 30.9mm diameter, 100mm travel, MMX™ remote with shifter hardware and 1300 hose)

340mm, 390mm


Shaft: 3D forged 7050 alloy, Head: 7050 forged alloy

Zero offset, remote: adjustable return speed at the handlebar, discrete or Match Maker™ X, left or right

Available in
Travel: 100mm, 125mm
Diameter: 30.9, 31.6mm, 34.9mm

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