04 Oct 2013

The not-so-minor details


Ultimate BIke Rack


Ultimate Bike Rack





The ultimatebikerack.com crew are Canberra locals who have a love for Mountain Biking, endurance racing and looking after their prized possessions …their bikes.

Race after race we had the same problem – nowhere safe to hang our bikes. We resorted to leaving our bikes lying on the ground or hanging them on our make shift bike racks (made from bits and pieces of pine, star pickets and left over aluminium from the garden shed!).

So, we decided to put our ideas into production making a real bike rack, an ‘ultimatebikerack’ and now you can have your very own.

The racks are made locally (in Canberra) with Australian made steel by people who love their riding and most of all, love their bikes.

Don’t you think that your bike deserves one?

Ride it. Rest it.