07 Aug 2018

Finally! Giant have just lifted the lid on the bike we've all been waiting for, a 29er version of the Trance. It's not the bike we expected either, but is that a bad thing?

At Giant’s 2019 launch just a couple of weeks ago (watch our video from the 2019 launch here), we were forbidden from entering a small screened off area. No media, dealers only. And while everyone was tight lipped, it wasn’t hard to guess what was hidden away – it HAD to be a 29er version of the Trance, right?

Correct! And now we’ve finally been given details on the new bike. It’s a shorter travel machine than we’d expected, though we’re not going to judge this book by its cover. Watch our video to learn more.

The range topping Trance 29 Advanced 0, $8999.
We’ll be reviewing this weapon shortly, the $5499 Trance 29 1.
Giant’s partnership with DVO is an interesting one. This suspension brand gets a lot of praise, and we’re looking forward to trying it out on the new Trance or Reign.