05 Apr 2017

Introducing the RockShox Reverb 1X Remote.

The RockShox Reverb is the most popular dropper post in the world, so there’ll be lots of people very happy to hear this new remote can be fitted to older models.

The dropper post market is growing at a rate of knots, and while posts like the Fox Transfer and the Pro Koryak make use of remotes that mimic the feel of a good old-fashioned front derailleur shifter, the Reverb remote was based off RockShox’s X-Loc suspension remote, and it certainly wasn’t the most practical option out there.

That all changes with the new 1X remote. The new remote was designed by RockShox to feel like a SRAM shifter, and with Matchmaker integration you can get a clean cockpit setup without sacrificing access to your dropper- it’s a win win!

The new remote is Matchmaker compatible.
The new remote is Matchmaker compatible.

Other changes include the bleeding system and speed adjustment for the post, which are both now hidden behind a rubber port, and the bleeding system uses SRAM’s Bleeding Edge technology found on Guide brakes- no more searching for tiny grub screws you dropped on the floor! Check out the video below on how to install the new remote.

We’re pretty excited about this new remote, and can’t wait to try one out ourselves. If you’re thinking this could be an upgrade you’d like to run, Australian pricing has been set at $149.95 for the remote only, or you can get the Reverb Stealth with the new 1x remote for $599.95. Initial deliveries are expected in late May 2017.

Continue reading below for the official word from RockShox.

The all-new Reverb remote pairs the superior ergonomics of SRAM’s shifter design with low-lever-force hydraulic actuation to create the world’s best dropper-post remote. Its excellent ergonomics and light touch mean that riders of all ability levels can use their Reverb posts quicker, more easily and more often, for better ride control everywhere on the trail. And the new Reverb 1x Remote’s Bleeding Edge™ fitting ensures that the periodic maintenance needed for optimum performance is about as hassle-free as working the remote itself.


  • Compatible with all B1 and A2 Reverb and Reverb Stealth models (identifiable by the black return speed adjuster on the standard remote)
  • Reverb Stealth with 1x remote MSRP:
    399$, 445€, 375£
  • Upgrade kit MSRP (includes remote, Bleeding Edge™ fitting, discreet clamp, MMX clamp):
    95$, 105€, 90£

RockShox Reverb 1x Remote-009


  • MatchMaker X or discrete clamp options
  • Bleeding Edge™ lever bleed fitting
  • Tooled speed adjust
  • Backwards compatible with all B1 and A2 Reverb models in the market (black return speed adjuster knob)