New 2016 Lapierre Zesty AM & XM, First Look

It’s going to be a good year for Lapierre fans, the 2016 Zesty receives a whole lot of updates to an already brilliant bike with a clever suspension electronic suspension system.

We take a closer look at what’s new from Dijon, France.

2016 Lapierre Zesty 4

Gone from the Zesty range is the 29″ wheel, it’s an entirely 27.5″ affair going forward with an all-new 150mm travel Zesty AM and 120/130mm travel Zesty XM. They are lighter, longer and lower, with a new suspension configuration for extra awesomeness.

The new full carbon model will save a massive 500g from the previous frame, and 50g from the aluminium version. The XM and AM will share the same front end. The XM uses a shorter travel fork, shock and a parts kit to suit.

[divider]Zesty AM[/divider]

Say hello to a whole new long travel, all-mountain weapon.

The new Zesty AM uses 150mm of travel front and back, and their proprietary e:I Shock Auto on high end models. The O.S.T. suspension system is a ‘true four bar design’, with Lapierre’s take on the proven and popular Horst Link design similar to popular brands like Norco, Specialized, Avanti etc.

We were quick to notice the repositioned shock, mounting to the underside of the top tube (the earlier models were mounted to the downtube) making more space for a drink bottle in the process. The shock extender block has also gone, and now with a shorter stroke shock its said to better manage heat than before. The whole frame looks a lot smoother in the lines, less angular and with a subtle and understated finish that catches the sunlight and says ‘buy me’.

2016 Lapierre Zesty 61
Mmmm, the new Zesty AM 827.
2016 Lapierre Zesty 40
The little bit that goes ‘zap zap zap’. The tiny electronic motor changes the rear shock’s compression tune faster than humanly possible.
2016 Lapierre Zesty 56
Wider 760mm bars, yay!
2016 Lapierre Zesty 36
Slimmer seat stays, for greater clearance of rubbing heels when pedalling. Yay!

Top tubes are longer by 5mm and overall reach is 11mm linger, paired with shorter 55mm stems the new shape will feel stable yet quick to respond to riders input. Head angles are 0.5 degrees slacker than before, now at 66.5 degrees, and a shorter seat tube will allow the seat to drop further.

Chainstay length is 430mm, pretty ideal for a 150mm bike in our opinion.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.13.24 pm
Lower, longer and slacker. Pretty much on-trend.

2016 Lapierre Zesty 60

The Lapierre suspension engineers have tweaked the e:i workings to suit the longer travel Spicy and Zesty, improved big hit performance and and the main pivot has moved in line with the main chainring (thanks to wider use of Shimano and SRAM’s single ring drivetrains) for better suspension action when pedalling,

Note the sensor hidden inside the crank spindle? That one tells the e:i system when you are pedalling, and how fast.
Note the sensor hidden inside the crank spindle? That one tells the e:i system when you are pedalling, and how fast.


Four models of the Zesty AM will make it Down Under, three carbon and one aluminium;

Zesty AM 327  – Green/Black/White $4499

Zesty AM 527 – Carbon/Cyan/Red $5999

Zesty AM 527 e:I – Carbon/Cyan/Red $7499

Zesty AM 827 e:I  – Carbon/Cyan/Orange $8999 (pictured above)

[divider]The Zesty XM[/divider]

Replacing the outgoing Zesty Trail with its 29″ wheels, the XM is a trimmed down version of the AM with 27.5″ wheels. Less travel and dressed in leaner components to suit a less aggressive ride character then the bigger travel XM.

2016 Lapierre Zesty 1
The all-new Lapierre XM 527 with e:i Shock.
2016 Lapierre Zesty 5
Everywhere you look, these carbon beauties are immaculately finished, the details are primo.
2016 Lapierre Zesty 31
120mm of rear wheel travel.
2016 Lapierre Zesty 9
Supremely fine finish.
2016 Lapierre Zesty 3
No need to adjust your shock, leave it on auto and just enjoy the ride.


We’ll be seeing five models of the Zesty XM here;

Zesty XM 327 – Cyan/Orange/Black $3999

Zesty XM 327 W – Light Blue/White/Green $3999

Zesty XM 527 – Carbon/Cyan/Orange $5999

Zesty XM 527 e:I Shock – Carbon/Cyan/Orange $6999

Zesty XM 827 e:I Shock – Carbon/Grey/Red $8999 (pictured above)

[divider]e:i Shock[/divider]

Lapierre have been pioneers with electronically adjustable damping for many years, the e:i Shock senses the terrain constantly to adjust the rear shock’s compression tune, making sure that you’re always in the right mode depending on the trail surface for climbing, sprinting or descending.

Over the years the e:i has been tweaked and refined with help from the one and only Nico Vouilloz.

Confused? Watch this video to help get your head around the e:i, it may sound complicated but actually simplifies how you ride and adjust your bike. Trust us, we’ve been fans of the concept since the beginning, but have certainly shared in the frustrations of a malfunctioning system, luckily those days look to be behind us with the latest generation.

Read a little about our past experiences with Lapierre’ and their e:i Shock bikes here:

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