30 Jan 2013

SNORC (Sydney North Off Road Cyclists) Presents Old Man’s Valley Trails of Hornsby.

Stage One of the eagerly-anticipated Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail in Old Man’s Valley is nearing completion and will be officially opened on Saturday February 2.

All the main work is completed and final adjustments are now being made.

Synergy Trails managing director Adrian Main has already ridden every inch of the track to test it out, a privilege he gets as the man who oversaw its construction on behalf of Hornsby Shire Council.

“They’re very flowing trails, with lots of berms, rollers and other features positioned in a manner that’s challenging to ride,” Adrian says. “However, there’s also a great area for children and beginners that has been designed in a manner to allow progression and increase the fun factor as you get better.

“This is northern Sydney’s first legal purpose-built trail, and we’ve ended up with a really good result due to the exhaustive work the team at Council have done in making sure these trails do not impact on the local ecosystem or residents.”

Hornsby Mayor Steve Russell, who will officially open the trail, offered special thanks to the many volunteers who’ve also helped.

“This has turned into a real community-building exercise,” he says. “There is a lot of excitement about this development, both within the Shire and much further afield, which has made it a lot easier to bring to fruition.”

The mayor considers the mountain bike trail to be another step towards the rejuvenation of the west side of Hornsby, but its benefits will be greater than that.

“This will bring people into the Shire, boosting our local economy, while also adding another great physical activity that can be enjoyed by our residents and their families.”

The enthusiasm for the trail’s construction has been keenly felt on Council’s Facebook page, which has regularly received messages such as this from cyclist Nick Zelenjak: “Thank you for the wonderful mountain biking facility at Old Man’s Valley. Sydney has been crying out for such quality trails for well over a decade and this council has led the way.”

Adrian has been receiving similar comments. “The cycling community is ecstatic about this,” he says. “There’s finally somewhere to ride that you don’t have to travel more than an hour to get to.”

The Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail will be open to the public from midday on Saturday 2 February, 2013.