On test | The new Orbea Oiz 2023 embraces the new school with 120mm of travel

Fresh out of the box at Flow HQ is the all-new 2023 Orbea Oiz! At first glance it looks pretty much identical to the previous version, but the Oiz does in fact feature a brand new frame. It also has more travel, and the geometry has received a significant update. It’s still designed to be a lightweight and sleek XC race bike, but the new Oiz looks to have broadened its capabilities for tackling modern World Cup courses, while making it a more appealing option for non-racers too.

2023 orbea oiz m10
The 2023 Orbea Oiz gets a brand new frame and an increase in suspension travel.

What’s changed with the Orbea Oiz 2023?

The Orbea Oiz continues to sit at the pointy end as the Basque-based brand’s flagship full suspension XC race bike. It’s built to be super-light and fast, with a strong focus on pedalling efficiency.

For 2023 the Oiz gets an all-new frame that’s offered in carbon and alloy variants. It still features the UFO single-pivot suspension design, with a one-piece swingarm that concentrates its flex point toward the dropouts, and a compression-moulded Fiberlink driving the shock.

2023 orbea oiz m10
The Oiz is now purpose-built around 120mm of travel front and rear, just like the Scott Spark RC.

The big news with the new Oiz is that it is now purpose-built around 120mm of travel front and rear. This differs to the previous Oiz, which was offered in both standard (100mm) and TR (120mm) versions. Those variants are gone, with Orbea embracing the new-school approach that is seeing XC bikes equipped with more travel and slacker geometry. This includes bikes like the Scott Spark, Specialized Epic EVO and the Giant Anthem.

All Oiz models will still feature the excellent Squidlock remote. This connects to both the fork and shock, and allows the rider to cycle between three suspension modes on-the-fly; Open, Medium & Lockout.

2023 orbea oiz m10
The composite Fiberlink is beautifully integrated into the frame’s seat tube and seatstays.
2023 orbea oiz m10 squidlock
The ergonomic Squidlock allows riders to cycle between three suspension modes.

Orbea Oiz sizing & geometry

To match its increased travel, the new Orbea Oiz gets some notable updates to its geometry.

The head angle has slackened out to 67°, and reach measurements have also grown. On a Medium frame, the reach pushes from 435mm to 450mm. The longer top tube has been countered by a steeper seat angle, which moves to a more aggressive 76.5°.

Rear centre length remains compact at 432mm, which is the same on all four frame sizes.

orbea oiz size chat geomtry
Orbea Oiz Size Chart
2023 orbea oiz m10
Orbea has slackened out the head angle, lengthened the reach and steepened the seat angle. It’s all very much up to date for a modern XC bike.

Orbea Oiz weight

The new Orbea Oiz OMX frame is claimed to weigh 1,750g with the rear shock. Upon digging a little further, it turns out this weight doesn’t include the derailleur hanger (27g) or the chainstay protector (21g). Once you add those (which is how most brands list their frame weights), the claimed figure increases to 1,798g. Here’s how it compares to the lightest XC bikes on the market;

orbea oiz 2023 weight
Shown here is a complete Orbea Oiz M-LTD, which is claimed to weigh just 9.98kg including pedals.

What’s particularly impressive about the frame weight for the new Oiz is the fact that it’s within 10 grams of the old frame. This is despite the new bike featuring more travel, while being significantly longer and slacker than its predecessor. Orbea also claims the new frame is some 12% stiffer, thanks to improvements in both the layup and profile of its carbon tubing.

As with the previous model, the new Oiz frame comes with a lifetime warranty and no rider weight limit, which differs to some of its competitors.

orbea oiz 2023
Changes to the carbon layup and tube profile are claimed to increase chassis stiffness.

Yes, the cables route through the headset

As we’ve seen with the latest Scott Spark and Merida Ninety-Six, the new Orbea Oiz frame features internal cable routing through its upper headset. Orbea calls this its ‘SIC System’, and while it may make some riders feel a little sick, it is claimed to be user-friendly with no proprietary bar or stem required. It also allows the cables and rear brake hose to be trimmed nice and short, minimising rattles from the front of the bike.

2023 orbea oiz m10
Orbea has jumped on the route-the-cables-through-the-headset bandwagon.

Inside the headset is an integrated steering limiter, which is something that the previous Oiz frame lacked. The hidden Spin Block limits total rotation so as to avoid the handlebar from smashing into the lightweight top tube in a crash.

The new frame also incorporates burlier pivot bearings with additional shields for keeping contaminants out, while a textured chainstay protector and mini upper guide aim to reduce drivetrain clatter.

Good news for long-distance XC riders and marathon racers – as with the previous frame, the new Oiz accommodates two bottles inside the front triangle on all four frame sizes.

2023 orbea oiz m10
There will be a huge array of spec and frame levels available, including the Orbea Oiz M10 that we’re currently testing.

Orbea Oiz price & spec options

The 2023 Orbea Oiz will be produced in three different frame variants. There’s the premium OMX carbon frame, the slightly heavier and cheaper OMR carbon frame, and the Hydro alloy frame.

That last option is particularly noteworthy, since there are very few XC full suspension bikes available in alloy these days. Indeed the Treks, Specializeds and Giants of the world are now carbon-only.

Thanks to the alloy frame option, prices kick off at a reasonable $4,699 AUD for the Orbea Oiz H30. At the other end of the spectrum is the Orbea Oiz M-LTD, which will sell for a staggering $15,499 AUD thanks to it’s extremely blingy build kit.

We’ve just received the Oiz M10, which seems to strike a nice balance in terms of its overall value for money. Will it reach the upper echelons of the best XC bikes on the market? It certainly looks the goods, and we can’t wait to find out!

orbea oiz 2023 m-ltd
Featuring a wireless SRAM XX1 AXS groupset, the Orbea Oiz M-LTD is the most premium model in the range.

2023 Orbea Oiz M-LTD

orbea oiz 2023 m-team
The Orbea Oiz M-Team is equipped with maximum Kashima, along with a Shimano XTR groupset and carbon wheels from Orbea’s in-house wheel brand; Oquo.

2023 Orbea Oiz M-Team

orbea oiz 2023 m-pro axs
A GX AXS groupset and carbon Oquo wheels round out the Orbea Oiz M-Pro AXS model.

2023 Orbea Oiz M-Pro AXS

orbea oiz 2023 m-pro
The Orbea Oiz M-Pro is the cheapest model to feature the top-end OMX carbon frame. Still a very tidy package with Factory Series suspension, carbon wheels and a Shimano XT groupset.

2023 Orbea Oiz M-Pro

orbea oiz 2023 m-10
Dipping below ten grand, the Orbea Oiz M10 uses the slightly heavier and cheaper OMR carbon frame.

2023 Orbea Oiz M10

orbea oiz 2023 m-11 axs
The Orbea Oiz M11 AXS is the cheapest model to feature a SRAM AXS wireless drivetrain.

2023 Orbea Oiz M11 AXS

orbea oiz 2023 m20
Don’t need wireless? The Orbea Oiz M20 is equipped with a regular SRAM GX Eagle groupset, Shimano brakes and alloy wheels.

2023 Orbea Oiz M20

orbea oiz 2023 m30
The Orbea Oiz M30 is the lowest price model to utilise a full carbon frame.

2023 Orbea Oiz M30

orbea oiz 2023 h10
The Orbea Oiz H10 is built around a hydroformed alloy frame, helping to lower the price significantly over the carbon models.

2023 Orbea Oiz H10

orbea oiz 2023 h20
The Orbea Oiz H20 features a SRAM 1×12 drivetrain, Shimano Deore brakes and Fox suspension.

2023 Orbea Oiz H20

orbea oiz 2023 h30
One of the cheapest full suspension XC race bikes on the market, the Orbea Oiz H30 still features Fox suspension and a Shimano Deore 12-speed groupset.

2023 Orbea Oiz H30

2023 orbea oiz m10
The Orbea Oiz certainly looks the goods on paper – stay tuned for our in-depth review coming soon!

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