07 Jul 2017

This year's Mountain of Hell mass start race saw 700 riders careering down Les 2 Alpes glacier, vying for an invisible holeshot in whiteout conditions. Join UR Team's Fabien Cousinié as he rides (and slides) his new Polygon Square One through some of the craziest, picturesque and back to convincingly scary trails we could imagine.

The Race

The race has an altitude drop of 2400m over around 25km, though that distance is approximate due to the open slather of line choices allowed by the sparse course marking posts. Fabien takes some ‘interesting’ options and despite the fatigue and unimaginable arm pump, manuals across the finish line in 4th place.

That’s a funky rear end. How will it ride?

The Bike

To even make it to the finish alive would require a half decent ‘enduro’ rig, but combining tobogganing with a podium finish is another level. We previewed the polarising Polygon Square One EX series a few months ago, and have just got our hands on one for a full review. Stay tuned over the coming weeks. Now to find a glacier…

Polygon’s 180mm, 27.5″ bike that is guaranteed to turn heads