30 Aug 2013

I like love bacon.

When I see it or smell it, I salivate and I know right away that I want some. And from the first bite, I enter a state of bliss and I know I want more. For me, single track works in exactly the same way, in fact I could be convinced that single track is actually bacon.

When I see it or ‘smell’ that it is nearby, I salivate and I know right away that I want some. And from the first taste, I enter that happy place and yes, I know I want more. I have always known I could eat more bacon than was ever served on my plate at breakfast and on occasion I have gone back for a more, but I have never tested how much I could consume. I have never gone back and piled on every strip in the bain marie and sat down to explore just how much bacon is enough.

I do not know my bacon limit. I’m no Ron Swanson, but I have thought about it a lot. I don’t know my single track limit either. I mean, is there even such a thing as too much single track? Did you ever want to find out? If you had a huge pile of bacon (or single track) in front of you, how would you approach its consumption? Would you eat ravenously or take your time and savour each bite? Would you do both? Maybe you can eat ravenously and savour each bite simultaneously.

One day I might try to find my bacon limit, but I know right now that there’s a huge pile of single track awaiting you at the Kowalski Classic on September 22. Here you can see just how much you can consume before you start to feel full. Take your time though, as there’s quite a lot to chew through and we think you may find it all quite tasty.

Bacon. It’s Kowalski for single track.

Entries close 9pm September 6th.