Racing: Jared Graves wins 2014 World Enduro Series Overall


Race Day 1

Race Day 2

It was the seventh and final leg of the Enduro World Series last weekend in Finale Ligure, Italy.
From Chile at the opening round to Italy for the final, the 2014 Enduro World Series has taken riders from high altitudes to the depths of exhaustion.
Jared Graves and Tracy Moseley came into this event as the series leaders and it all came down to the final run of the final day of racing. Both could lose it but both looked more than capable of winning it.
Yoann Barelli.

The only thing left to say is that this truly has been one hell of a compelling season of racing…..

Josh Carlson.
Tracey Moseley.
Fabien Barel.
Yoann Birelli.

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