Rest In Peace, Kelly McGarry

Last night we received the news that Kelly McGarry had passed away. A text message from a friend, then an avalanche of tribute posts from mates and sometimes competitors of Kelly’s on social media confirming that it was true.

It’s always incredibly sad to hear of the passing of someone still so young. Especially someone who is so completely, totally alive that it seems almost impossible that they could leave us. And there aren’t many who could lay claim to having been more alive than Kelly McGarry. A huge man, a friendly man, all grinning teeth, flaming hair and improbable talent, brave as hell, doing things most couldn’t even dream of.

There are people across the world who will be hurting desperately today. Friends and family, obviously, and our heart and love goes out to them. But other riders too, people who probably never knew Kelly personally, but who will feel less secure today, shaken, made very aware of how tenuous and precious it all is.

We’d say “be careful”, but being careful wasn’t what Kelly was about. So instead, do what Kelly McGarry would have done –  brighten up the darkness with a ride, have a laugh, and make the most of every single day.

Rest in peace, Kelly.

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