05 Sep 2017

After discovering Sam had qualified for World Championships in early 2017, he was struck ill with glandular fever, taking a huge toll on his training regime. Shortly after, a lacerated liver followed. This was a small setback in Sam’s eyes; he used the eight weeks of sickness free time to push himself beyond his perceivable limits. Follow the 17-year-old Launceston local champion through his final stages of preparation for his first UCI MTB World Championships in Cairns.

“After years of dedication, hard work, training and resilience, he has already achieved so much. Sam puts in 110% at work, school and his riding. He has an amazingly supportive family and friendship circle. It’s no wonder he is smashing goals and getting the results he is. He is an amazing young man and we enjoy having him in the shop, We are so proud he is on board with Sprung and representing both us, and Australia at the UCI Worlds in Cairns. Go team Fox!” – Troy Reilly / Owner operator SPRUNG

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