2022 Specialized Levo range grows with addition of new Comp Carbon & Alloy models

When the third generation Specialized Levo arrived earlier this year, we were a little surprised to see just two models available at the time of launch; the Levo Pro and the S-Works Levo. With both bikes selling for over $20K(!), that put the new Levo well out of reach for many. We knew Specialized would expand the lineup eventually, and there was a strong likelihood that an alloy version of this popular electric mountain bike would be introduced too. Well we have good news folks, because Specialized has just unveiled a trio of new Levo models, and these will be bringing the price of entry down significantly.

2022 specialized levo comp alloy emtb electric
The Specialized Levo range has grown for 2022 with the addition of two new alloy bikes and the Comp Carbon.

Specialized Levo overview

Joining the 2022 lineup is the new Specialized Levo Comp Carbon, Levo Comp Alloy, and Levo Alloy.

These three new e-MTBs will follow the same recipe as the top-tier models. They’re built around a mullet setup with a 29in wheel up front and a 27.5in wheel at the rear. As for suspension, you’re getting a 160mm travel fork and 150mm of rear travel via the FSR four-bar suspension design.

Powering each Levo model is the new generation 2.2 motor that’s manufactured by Brose. The belt-driven motor is one of the smoothest, quietest and most intuitive we’ve experienced, and it delivers up to a whopping 90Nm of torque. There’s also a tonne of adjustability via the Mission Control app to – check out our Specialized Turbo tuning tips article for more info.

2022 specialized levo comp alloy emtb electric
The alloy Specialized Levo frame is modelled on the carbon version and incorporates many of the same technologies.
2022 specialized levo comp alloy emtb electric
Regardless of price, all 2022 Specialized Levo models are built around the same 2.2 motor that pumps out up to 90Nm of torque.

Specialized Levo price & specs

There are six models in total for the 2022 Specialized Levo range; four of which use the carbon frame, and two that use the alloy frame. The existing Expert, Pro and S-Works models will carry on into the New Year unchanged, but they’ll now be joined by these three new models;

2022 specialized levo comp carbon
The Specialized Levo Comp Carbon gets exactly the same carbon frame as the Expert, Pro and S-Works model. There’s a new Fox Float X shock, a 36 Rhythm fork, SRAM GX Eagle shifting and Code RS stoppers.

2022 Specialized Levo Comp Carbon – $13,800 AUD

The new Levo Comp Carbon features exactly the same FACT 11m carbon frame as the Expert, Pro and S-Works model. It also features the same 6-way adjustable geometry system with a flip chip at the chainstay, and modular headset cups that offer slack, neutral and steep positions. You’re also getting the slick MasterMind TCU display integrated into the top tube, and a 700Wh battery inside the downtube.

2022 specialized levo comp alloy emtb electric
For two grand less, the Specialized Levo Comp Alloy features a near-identical spec to the Comp Carbon, albeit with a slightly heavier alloy frame.

2022 Specialized Levo Comp Alloy – $11,700 AUD

The next step down is the Levo Comp Alloy, which is built around a brand new alloy frame that features the same suspension design, geometry and mullet wheel setup as the carbon models. You also get the 700Wh battery and 6-way adjustable geometry. However, you don’t get the MasterMind TCU. In its place is the simpler TCU, presumably a cost-saving decision.

specialized levo base alloy 2022
The entry-point into the range, the Levo Alloy is the only model to dip below the $10K mark. However, it still features the 2.2 motor, chainstay flip chip and mullet wheel setup of the pricier models.

2022 Specialized Levo Alloy – $9,400 AUD

The entry-point into the range is the Specialized Levo Alloy. Further features are trimmed from this model to help bring that price down. So while it does get the same two-position geometry flip chip at the chainstay pivot, it misses out on the adjustable headset cups. It also steps down to a smaller, cheaper and lighter 500Wh battery.

Flow’s Take

We suspect the arrival of these new models will be welcome news to many riders who were keen on the latest generation Levo, but weren’t so keen to spend over $16K on one. The Levo Comp Alloy in particular looks like it’ll be a popular e-MTB thanks its Fox suspension package and SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, especially as it comes with the same 700Wh battery as the carbon models.

We’ll be getting our hands on a new alloy Levo in the New Year to put to the test and see how its performance and weight stacks up against the carbon model. In the meantime, if you’re eager to know what the new Levo is like to ride, the be sure to check out our Specialized Levo review, and Mick’s long-term test of the Levo Pro.

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